Gears of War 3 Has burrowing grenade launcher

Details on Gears of War 3's weapons, dynamic environments and additional combat systems have tumbled out in a new translation of the Russian preview that Cliff Bleszinski was grumpy about the other day.

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deadreckoning6664651d ago

WOW..that sounds awesome. Wish Gears would come ta PS3 :(

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

Id rather PC. Just imagine, the true HD with DX11 + SM 5.0 @ 1920x1080, hot damn, now that would be awesome.

geth1gh4651d ago

or just imagine it being developed and running on that cell processor in the ps3 :)

if they took the uncharted 2 engine to make a gears, jesus....

Blaze9294651d ago

Gears of War 3 better has beta testing before it ships I know that much V_V

Double Toasted4650d ago

You a silly mofo! Btw, kick the habit man, kick the habit. I would rather someone, who doesn't create such a dumb comment, promote getting high.

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-Alpha4651d ago

What were the terms for the Gears franchise? I thought only 1 and 2 were exclusive to MS?

Imagine the butthurt if at E3 Gears 3 comes to PS3. Final Fantasy 13 all over again.

Anyways, dynamic levels and destructibility sounds absolutely amazing and is the right update for a sequel. Red Faction did it great and this would be amazing to see. Digging holes to hide in, maybe even go Uncharted 2 and add the ability to pull people under and chainsaw their face off!

Raf1k14651d ago

If Gears 1 and 2 are still exclusive to MS I don't think Epic would want to bring Gears 3 to the PS3 without them.

JoelR4651d ago

fairly certain from my perspective that Gears is partially Microsoft funded and thus won't be coming to the PS3.

yoshiroaka4651d ago

No more dexter avatar alpha? =( thats sad, i hardly recognise you lol, I loved the dexter series but breaking bad is pretty good too although ive only see the first season.

On topic gears is sounding pretty cool. Hope they really push it with the features.

Inside_out4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Well...that sounds weapons...real time level destruction and transformation ( think fracture only better )...all with the best graphics/physics this

This game could very well end up on the PS3...why not...Personally, the control scheme would give the PS3 crowd NEED a 360 controller for this masterpiece...Gears 2 sold 6 million on 360 alone...imagine an ALL consoles including PC...Hmmm...they did announce it on Jimmy Fallon instead of M$ E3...they would shake the walls at E3 if it happen.....

Gears is the Graphics champ...all games try to mimic its greatness...KZ2 and UC2 tried with there train, factory..etc...and failed miserably....No game on any system has the rubbery, life like graphics/physics like Gears, all in game with the best cover system out there...( Brinks FPS cover system could change that...that looks incredible as well )...I suspect they will show more variety in the environments and different lighting and shadows....Hope some game play is shown at E3...The screens of the new enemies look INSANE...

In related news...can't wait to see what KZ 3 looks like...I hope it comes out in the fall...E3 is crazy this yr...

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pixelsword4651d ago

For those who never played it, it's something that would be a pleasant surprise. This series is definitely a gem in the 360's treasure chest.

Off topic, I told insomniac in a thread that they should do the chimeran spike grenades like that using the auger; and not just in the ground, but they could be embedded in the walls or through vehicles as well.

boysenberry4650d ago

I agree, Gears Of War 3 on PS3 NOW!!

seinfan4650d ago

Yeah, sounds like you'll be able to burn someone with the flame thrower by sticking it up their ass. lol

FACTUAL evidence4650d ago

This is just ask exciting as meatsheilds! That wasn't exciting at all.....

Double Toasted4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Gears 3 *SIGH* I wish I could play it now!

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Kingdom Come4651d ago

This news is a few days old but still. Gears of War 3 Baby, I genuinly can't wait...

Theonetheonly4651d ago

Everyone gets all "Ima Professional Journalist now that im a contributor" and flagged the hell outta this cause i checked a few extra channels when i uploaded this a few days ago. sorry for the lateness.

8thnightvolley4650d ago

i would so play the hell out of this .. when it comes out i aint gonna lie.. i am looking forward to gears 3.. its just different from many games. once the online weapon balancing is sorted and the lag done .. i will glue it to my tray well and unglue it when i need some reach. lol

aviator1894651d ago

They've been like that since the first Gears. And it's a game. I wouldn't want some skinny looking dudes pummeling their way through locust hordes and huge monsters.

pixelsword4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

Marcus was in Jail, plus he was an ex-soldier.
Cole is an ex-thrashball player,
Dom and Baird are both career soldiers.

Fishy Fingers4651d ago

It's Epics design of choice, they've always been like this, from way back to the first Unreal Tournaments.

Simply put, it looks cool, they're not going after realism.

Raf1k14651d ago

Yep, it's distictly an Epic game. It's one that doesn't try to be too real and it works for the setting and style of the game.

mrv3214650d ago

Well if your carrying a car of armour you would probably have to be pretty large.

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Silly gameAr4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

"While it was possible to grab somebody as a "meat shield" in Gears of War 2, the third game will also allow you to strap a grenade to a meat shield and then kick him towards his friends."

That sounds awesome.

The new weapons and executions sound pretty bad ass too.

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