Gran Turismo 5 First Look: Polyphony's next is officially introduced.

"Gran Turismo HD looked good, but this blows it out of the water."

SCEA finally pulled the cover off the hood and gave IGN a first look at GT5 during its press conference this year. The trailer opens with what is almost certainly a CG intro of a pit crew working on a car that then speeds down a couple highways, but it quickly changes to in-engine footage of vehicles tearing up some concrete.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi4302d ago

I think i just took a dump on my 360 oh wait i threw it away!XD

This pictures look amazing!

hikikimori4302d ago

Good old Gran Turismo!
Still the best racing sim ever. What's that imitator that begins with an F? Errrr.......well won't be long before one the fanboys comes on to talk about how it won't be as good as.....

cuco334302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

best racing sim goes to the gtr boys for pc

for console in my book it was the GT series, but sadly every revision was the same game, a tad prettier, a few more cars n tracks, but the same bump n run 1st place racing with stupid AI, no online and no crash damage. plus the physics weren't good. every car understeered like a mad man, even if in real life it didn't

gt5 looks good, but sony and polyphony are who they are... i'll believe how good the game is when it comes out 14 years from now ;)

and before anyone disagrees or takes my bubbles away like the 14 yr old you are note that i am a huge car nut, know a TON about cars, racing, car dynamics, etc and highly enjoy forza 2 for all it's glory that it really is. instead of bashing 1 game vs the next, try it, you'll really enjoy it. if gt5 is anywhere as good as forza 2 is, or even better... it'll be awesome and u ps3 fanboys will enjoy it
sadly your brand loyalty (or your mother's wallet) is making u miss out big time

to the confused below: you couldn't have sounded any worse. jeremy clarkson isn't the car or gaming expert to point out what game is the best sim out there. you're talking about a guy who is infamous for making outlandish sayings for entertainment purposes when comparing a car's dynamics. top gear is great, but its great in the sense it's like watching cartoons. fifth gear would be a better, more suitable candidate. and i can bet you guys any money most of you haven't even tried any of the true sims to car racing. you most likely drove a lambo or viper in a nfs game and thought how excellent the car drives.
mind u i was once THE gran turismo d*ckriding fanboy out there and the game didn't have that great of a progression going from 2 to 3 to 4. slightly better visuals, more cars, more tracks, same everything else including delayed launches. i've played gt and play forza 2 and gtr2 with most if not all assists off. no racing line, no abs, not traction control, nothing.

Rock Bottom4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Keep trying to convince yourself with this cuco33.
GT is the best/most realistic racing game out there, and this does not comes from me or some normal GT fanboy, these words came from TopGear host Jeremy Clarkson him self.

@cuco again: Ok let's keep Jeremy Clarkson comment aside (which isn't a gaming expert but at least he's more of a car expert then you are), think about it what racing game get to show up in real motor shows, what racing games is being used in car commercials, and how many cars from those in gt or gtr2 you have driven in real life to base your comparison of realism.
I have seen the tracks details in gtr2 which was based on the shape of the track, while real circuit in GT captured every little detail on the track, from the different surfaces of the track, to the shape of those "red and white" things on the sides of the corners (which are drown on a flat surface in gtr2).
One last thing, in an interview with the maker of gtr2(it was on a games show on NPC germany) he was asked if the cabchered real car noises for the game like polyphony did in GT, he answered no and he justified it by saying that GT concentrate on how realistick the car is while they in GTR2 concentrate on how realistic the "racing experience is", what ever the hell that meant, any way the point is that they didn't took the effort to use real sound, so how about a real control which should be allot harder.

solideagle14302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

now thats GT ur talking about.

Bill Gates4302d ago

This is the game that will finally make me want to quit my job, leave my girl, ignore my family and lose my friends...hahahaha

GT5 = My love nectar.

Salvadore4302d ago

Car damage in this game?

Razzy4302d ago

No. I don't think the car companies would allow it or something.

fenderputty4302d ago

the reason if given above.

blackmagic4302d ago

The car companies obviously allow it since it's already been done... forza is an obvious example. It just costs more to licence the car if you want to bang it up and even then, there are many limitations and the dev can't really damage it too much. Also, the damage system eats into the systems resources. ie a game without a damage system will look better than a game with damage due to the system resources used in the damage system being available to it. It's all about trade-offs. Will there be more immersion because the environment is better or would the gamer prefer less detailed environment and a car that gets damaged? That's a call the dev needs to make, both options with their advantages and disadvantages.

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