Little Big Planet 2 featured in Game Informer June issue

It seems LBP2 has been confirmed by game informer.

"The June issue also includes huge feature articles on Little Big Planet 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and Fallout: New Vegas. Plus, watch for our complete reviews of Red Dead Redemption, Lost Planet 2, Skate 3, Alan Wake, ModNation Racers, and Super Mario Galaxy 2."


A user at neogaf posted some info from the GI article:

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InfectedDK4700d ago

Nice, personally I'm mostly looking forward to a fresh new singleplayer campaign :)

FACTUAL evidence4700d ago

It's still so much more they could do with LBP2. I honestly hope they make it a little more user friendly than it already is. The creations i wanted to do is pretty much impossible for me ATM because of the lack of being user friendly with the materials. Before you disagree, you should look up, how to make color switch doors on youtube...I think you'll all agree with me.

Sunny_D4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

I have to agree with you, but I guess it's different to people. Some think it's hard, while others think it's easy. That's why we have crap levels, and AMAZING levels.

InfectedDK4700d ago

Or maybe it's just that if you wanna make a great level it takes so much time most people including my self gives up at some point and ends up with a level that needs a little more than just polish to be among the big levels..

Anyway yes it was hardcore to make levels in the casual game that LittleBigPlanet was and is.. But somehow that also made and makes more opportunities for those who can use it.

thor4700d ago

I still think the most difficult part about LBP level designing is the actual design. I can usually find a way to build something once I've thought of it, in fact I relish the logical and engineering challenge. But thinking of a great idea in the first place is the hardest part of all.

CraigC-Lfc4700d ago

lol true. I still havnt even made a level. I havnt got the patience or the skill.

mikeslemonade4699d ago

Little Big Planet 2 should come out in 2011. The first game came out in 2008 so if it comes in 2010 it's going to be too soon. The epic feeling and the hype-train isn't the same if it comes out too soon.

Danteh4699d ago

yes, my biggest complaint is how time consuming is to make a level... I have made 2 good levels (as rated by LBPCentral) in my whole LBP career.

(The Legend of Zelda PS3 and Final Fantasy RPG Battle Arena if you wanna try them :D)

The last one (Zelda) took me a month and I almost failed my exams (lol), so many hours inverted cause it's so addicting

This puts me off A LOT, I have an awesome idea but I don't have the strength to start it, knowing that I will be obssesed with it for the next month mmm

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-Alpha4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

In order to have a fresh SP campaign they need to move away from 2.5D

This is why I'm not ready for LBP2, it doesn't seem necessary and if it happens it needs to be a monumentally different game.

I would love to see LBP in complete 3D. Imagine the possibilities: you could make a FPS, a platformer, anything you want!

I doubt we will see it but if it happens I will dub LBP2 to be the greatest innovative game of the Generation.

Personally I'd rather see a new Play.Create.Share title.

I would LOVE to see a Super Smash Bros. game, or better yet a Power Stone game full of Sony mascots.

Play the game. Create the fighters, weapons, and levels. Share!

Greatest. Party. Brawler. Ever.

InfectedDK4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

Actually that would be amaaaaazing.. (LBP 2 in 3D) However I doubt it happens.. Maybe in LBP3? But wow it would really be awesome!

But actually I liked the singleplayer of LBP so more of the same with new improvements wouldn't hurt either :)

LordMarius4700d ago

I told you AlphaMale
thats one down
Resistance 3 and Infamous 2 are left

DeforMAKulizer4700d ago

I agree, if they keep it the same, then it wouldn't be that strong of a push towards innovation... But remember that MM themselves said that a direct sequel would ruin the purpose of the game, and that why i think it will be something completely different but starring SackBoy and within the Sackboy and LBP universe of Play.Create.Share..
I remember i read once a while ago that an editor-in-chief of one of the PlayStation articles teased a new Play.Create.Share open world game that you could make your own story in... This might be it...
Can't wait to see more =D

WildArmed4699d ago

I think introducing new features isn't enough for an LBP2.
They can already do most of the stuff in LBP w/ DLC.
LBP2 would have to be completely fresh, like 3D or strictly 2D for that matter.. (for that Mario experience replica).
But I believe MM has the experience to make LBP2 a unique game.
I really didn't believe thay'd pull out LBP for that matter.
I wasn't impressed with my time in the Beta.
But when I bought it, (late 09) I was impressed in how much progress it had made.
And loved the game. Heck, even Platinium'd it out of sheer interest of the game.
My props goes out to all the great authors in LBP, you guys really made my time there enjoyable.

I hope we'll see similar great efforts in games like ModNation and LBP2!!

But all things aside, i think 3D LBP would be a too big of a step. so i dont see that happening

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TOO PAWNED4700d ago

Just for the record, could not care less for LBP2, and i got LBP1 day 1

D4RkNIKON4700d ago

I can't wait for LBP2! I made a Mario level in LBP and the youtube video has about 110,000 views. NICE!

D4RkNIKON4700d ago

Can't wait for LBP2! I made a Mario level in LBP and the youtube video has about 110,000 views! NICE!

whateva4699d ago

this could be the best game ever!

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TheHater4700d ago

I hope that is not a typo.

TheHater4700d ago

GameInformer just confirmed that it is not a type. I am a happy gamer right now....back to doing senior project :(

Colonel-Killzone4700d ago

Awesome good news for the hardcore little big planet fans ^_^

mt4700d ago

i wish if there is 3d worlds in little big planet 2 beside the classic 2D worlds


lol.. cool... well I called it. i have some people to PM now. lol

GAM3R7l4700d ago

That of the top new IPs on the PS3...and of this entire generation...would get a sequel? Wow....really stuck your neck out with that prediction, didn't you?

DARK WITNESS4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

lol, no need to hate on me..

it's about as obvious a prediction as anyone could make, yes I totally agree, but what was funny when the first rumours circulated there were quite a few people ( and I mean actual fans of LBP ) who said and believed there was not going to be a sequel because of some comments the dev's had made.

I said at the time, that there most definiately would be a LBP2, it was not rocket science or anything, but you would be supprised how many people said it would not happen... well here we are.

ya it was not like jumping of a bridge or anything, I am not the rocket man or anything.. but hey I was right and they were wrong. I had someone tell me to bookmark his commetns he was so sure that I was wrong... well I was right, thats all i am saying.

you want to read.. here;

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