Analyst: PS3 will sell 71 million units by 2011

Leading Japanese analyst, Yuta Sakurai of Nomura Securities in Tokyo, has said that the PlayStation 3 will sell 71million units by the year 2011 in a Business Week article, and estimated sales of 40 million units for the Nintendo Wii.

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TheMART5403d ago

Same as PS2. They sold 100 million because 50% of that was sold when the PS2 DVD drive stopped working after 1 or 2 years.

So that'll be the same sh*tty quality of BetaBluRay player in PS64 then again. I think we're safe to say the actual number of working PSZero's will be 35 million then by 2011.

At that time MS will have sold 60 million 360 in total (it sells 10 million a year for sure seen the latest selling numbers) and the XBOX 720 will be released

Shadow Flare5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )

Do you have that comment saved in an archive somewhere? Stop using the same rubbish comments

This article states this analyst is Japan's LEADING analyst. So if thats anything to go by...

and notice the xbox 360 is nowhere to be seen. The leading analyst...

TheMART5403d ago

Well then you haven't paid attention. Uptill the end of the lifecycle of this generation consoles, MS and 360 will take the first position in sales. Just around the time the new XBOX 720 comes maybe Sony would have catched up.

So there you go. The news was on this website even in large capitals. Did you miss it?

And yes, PS drives stop working really soon and really often. Face it, it's just like that.

So if you'll buy a PS3 get on your knees and prey it'll keep working!

shotty5403d ago

Its a japanese analyst obviously the dominant is ps3 or wii.

The Real Deal5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )

They would have to sell 15 million ps3's a year. That would be amazing. We'll see.

BIadestarX5403d ago

If they make the PS3 as bad as the PS2 they will break within a year. This will force Sony’s loyal fans too buy a new one to be able to play new games like MGS7 and Final Fantasy 55. So they only need 25 Million fans worldwide by 2011. I believe these numbers are very realistic.

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The story is too old to be commented.