Xbox 360: No Roster Sharing for NCAA Football 08?

You read the headline right. apparently there is a block in the software that does not allow roster sharing from profile to profile on the XBox 360 version of the game.

On the Xbox 360, NCAA Football 08 roster files cannot be shared. At all. They can't be transferred from profile to profile, even on the very same console.

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Grown Folks Talk4300d ago

after i played the demo, i changed my reservation to the regular xbox version. $20 cheaper, and probably a whole lot better.

G_CodeMonkey4299d ago

While the demo sucked and I won't be buying it, it sounds like it would affect my saved rosters from last year (possibly), but at least any future ones once EA gets their head out of their a$$ and makes a good version (better than last years). That "bug" could be a near-fatal flaw pushing me to "another" console (though I'll probably eventually get it anyway when the price is $300 for a cheap blu-ray player). gCM

30ROCK4299d ago

Worse and worse for XBox, better and better for Playstation.