Teen Sex, Advertising, and MMOs

Cody Hargreaves "Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s why we’re here. It’s how we’re here. It’s responsible for everything we were, are, and will be. It’s biological. It’s natural. It’s naughty. It’s raunchy. It’s… sexy. Sex is good, and we love it. But it’s not always good, is it? We like to think it is, but it’s not. Rape isn’t good. Rape is terrible. Taking videos of your ex-girlfriend in compromising positions and posting them on the Internet isn’t good. Teen sex isn’t good. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Teen sex. Teen porn. Teen pregnancy. Teen abortion. Teen parenting. Teen abduction. Teen suicide. Oh, and MMOs. Be warned, this is going to get ugly."

(Warning! Some graphic images below and the subject matter of this article might not be suitable for persons under the age of 16, discretion is advised)

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Pedobear Rocks3787d ago

Except that bruceongames might come on here and wax poetic about Evony.


zorglub3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Teen sex isn't good ? Videos of sex of the net aren't good ? I disagree. Did nazis finally win after all ?

Sex is good. Violence is not.

Setekh3787d ago

This article seems more like the rantings of a feminist movement rather than content for a gaming site.

ChrisW3787d ago

I've gotta give Dragon Call credit, at least their ads are original and not rehashed commercial porn!

Karlnag33787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

This is very much an opinion article. It's pretty much just speculation presented as fact based on "my friends girlfriend did _____ for WoW money."

There is very little reference to gaming in the article and infact they don't actually mention anything about games until quite a way in. As Setekh said, it seems more like the rantings of a feminist movement. This is not news and I don't think it belongs here on a gaming website since it's obvious purpose is to whine about teen pregnancy.

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