Rumor: Xbox 360 to drop price by $100 across all SKUs on August 1st, Major Canadian retailer says

After recent comments by MS on Xbox 360 price cut plans, the rumors of sooner-than-expected price drop have filled the internet and now MaxConsole reports:

"A major Canadian retailer has confirmed that the Xbox 360 is set to receice an Official $100 price drop across all Skus as of August 1st. That will mean that the Xbox 360 core will retail for $199 (with a pack in memory unit) and be even cheaper than the Wii at $249 USD."

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P4KY B4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

I hope Europe gets a drop too.

paul_war4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

We will probably get a price increase!

Also Known As4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

The sony boys must be sh1tting in their pants right now, muahaha. :-p

there will probably be a denial on the part of MS but it will happen

if MS actually does this, by the end of the year i see the 360 installed base hovering @ around 20 million easily.

To the idiot below me:
my response to your response of my comment.'re an idiot.

this story has over 50 comments and this one "E3: Assassin's demo rushed because of Bungie" has only 20something and yet is hotter and already up on the headlines section.

marinelife94301d ago

Why would you tell everyone 2 weeks ahead of time? Are you trying to kill your sales for the next 2 weeks while everyone waits. I'm still not buying it until they put in the 65nm processors.

tehcellownu4301d ago

1.2 - not really it just mean more defective hardware is goin to be in people house who would buy a piece of crap..buyin a sytem that will die on u isnt a smart choice..even when its a 100 dollar cheaper..

BubblesDAVERAGE4301d ago

Also guy whoever you are..they are not even making 20 million xbox this year

Vavoom4301d ago

duh! The install base is aready at 11 mil.

JustCallMeDaddy4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

you can pick one ps3...

or inestead take 3 xbox 360 core systems. lmao
or 2 xbox 360 premium systems. lmfao

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Bill Gates4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

No thanks. I'll wait for the 65nm chip, or just buy the same games for the PC and play them on my 42" 1080p HDTV hooked up to my comp. Most likely the later, thank you.

Those $199 consoles will be all USED refurbished ones anyway...HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHA

IMO, the Xbox 3FixMe is not even worth $50....HAHAHAHAHHHA

[EDIT] @ Also Known ASS above me - Well it's about time they do a price drop. IT'S ONLY BEEN ALMOST 2 YEARS...hahahaha

Odion4301d ago

lol isn't it funny they didn't have to cut the price in 2 years!

TruthHurts4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

isn`t it funny that the ps2 DID.

wow. you just say thing to say them.


the ps2 had a price cut 7-8 months after its release.
so give it up w/ the ps3`s early price cut.

ON topic:
this is good new for 360 fans.

@odion (below)
wow, thats funny you must know more about it than JACK TRETTON!

proving again how ridiculous you are.

did you even watch what i gave you?

I give you the PRESIDENT of SONY clearly stating what i said.
YOU give me numbers from WIKIPEDIA.

i think you just completly proved my point for me.

Odion4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

no the PS2 went 16 months with a price drop


and once again i make you look like a moron

US$299.99 (October 26, 2000, release date) (CAD$449.99)
US$199.99 (May 14, 2002) (CAD$299.99)
US$179.99 (May 13, 2003, "temporary" pricing) (CAD$249.99)[1]
US$179.99 (August 18, 2003, official pricing)[2]
US$149.99 (May 11, 2004) (CAD$179.99)
US$129.99 (April 20, 2006) (CAD$139.99)

ArduousAndy4301d ago

But I think you both are right and wrong
n May I started a Game Console Timeline. Here is the latest version.

August 28 2002 - Sony and Microsoft announce 17% price cut in Europe
June 25 2002 - Video games industry on track for projected increase of sales by 12 percent to $US31 billion
June 14 2002 - Sony cuts PS2 price to $399.95 in Australia
May 20 2002 - Microsoft announces it will invest $1 Billion in XBox Live game network
May 20 2002 - GameCube price cut in US (25%)
May 17 2002 - Gamecube hits stores in Australia
May 15 2002 - Electoric Arts plans to support Sony PS2 Online Gaming (articles : 1 2 )
May 15 2002 - XBox price cut announced for US and Japan (~30%)
May 14 2002 - PS2 price cut announced for US (~30%)
Apr 23 2002 - Gamecube price cut announced for Australia (~17%), pre-release
Apr 18 2002 - XBox price cut announced for Australia and Europe (38%)
Apr 18 2002 - Microsoft announce lower forecast for FY2002 from 4.5 - 6 Million to 3.5 - 4 Million units
Mar 2002 - XBox hits stores in Europe
Feb 2002 - XBox hits stores in Japan
Nov 18 2001 - Gamecube hits stores in US
Nov 15 2001 - XBox hits stores in US
Sep 26 2001 - PS2 price cut announced for Europe (~30%)
Jun 2001 - PS2 price cut announced for Japan (12%)
Oct 26 2000 - PS2 hits stores in US
Mar 1999 - PS2 unveiled in Japan

Please let me know if you think another date should be included

That is from some guys blog that is dated 8/28/2002 thats the best I can find heres the link

and heres a new york times article
that adds to the above timeline again take it for what you will its the best i could find.

Sony DID do a price cut but it was year or so later

I think Trenton is just trying to make the cut look better

Also anyone that uses wikipedia as a fact checker needs to be slapped with some sense. How are you going to use a website that anyonce can alter as legit.

Tabasco4301d ago

You may be correct but can we please not use wikipedia as a source. It's not reliable.

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paracardium4301d ago

Still won't get one to unreliable.

darx4301d ago

Admit it you never planned on getting one.

AznSniper4301d ago

this just puts a bad image on the xbox cause that just puts an image that it's cheap but unreliable

Also Known As4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

can you say, scared sony fanboy?

to sniper below me:
ive had my 360 for over a year and no problems yet

AznSniper4301d ago

well look at it.....more people will likely buy it and it still has the 90nm CPU so more people will come in with broken consoles again...i don't think it would be wise to do a price drop yet till they get the 65nm CPUs in first

Captain Tuttle4301d ago

Maybe they're doing both at the same time...releasing the 65nm consoles AND cutting the price.

AznSniper4301d ago

they better do that....but i'll wait till it's official so i can get mine

kewlkat0074301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

I might wait, since I wanna get an elite. Maybe they might drop that damn Core too. Sony dropped the Ps2 price early last gen so this might have the same effect, with the new chips..if true.

More reliability with the 65n core, and the 3 years warranty against RR defect + the games coming out around that time. Really the best deal.

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Odion4301d ago

/dance, they would have reached the mass market price before Nintendo!