PS3: Phil Harrison on Killzone 2 impact, Price drop & PSN

GameTrailers talks with Phil Harrison about the PS3 price drop, the PlayStation Network, and the impact of Killzone 2.

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Bill Gates4883d ago (Edited 4883d ago )

You da man Phil!

Peter Moore, are you taking notes? You better be, or I'll fire your ass.


@xbotRidiots...bro, try not to use the word "retard" in your comments. It's not cool.

@poopiemonster below...Just hit IGNORE you BABOON, and continue with your crying.

xbotsRidiots4883d ago (Edited 4883d ago )

exactly.... peter moore should quit writting on his @ss like a damn retard and takes some notes from PHILL, feels damn good to be PS3 owner.

@super you have actually met PHILL HARRISON? since since you have come across him, right?

gunnerforlife4883d ago

come fire him u know u want too;)

marinelife94883d ago

Phil is highly intelligent and polished. Peter Moore just seems a little bit shady to me. Or as Reggie Bush would put it ...

Kratosnake4883d ago

That kind of frankness and straightforwardness is what i'm looking for. Sony hit a home run in E3... and things are finally in the favor of the better console.

Way to go Phill.

SuperSaiyan44883d ago

With a passion, they guy is the most arrogant and stupid person I have ever come across.

What would be nice is for EPIC to make a character out of him and stick him in Gears Of War - oh boy the replay value would be soo good I wouldn't even need Halo 3 and thats saying something!

TruthHurts4883d ago

"I hate Phil Harrison
With a passion, they guy is the most arrogant and stupid person I have ever come across"

hahahahah. your so NEGATIVE.

you`ve never came across Phil.
you actually think you know him, don`t you.

Vip3r4883d ago

You're really arrogant and stupid. Remember on the UK PS forums you went from hating to the PS3 to loving it and now you're back to hating it. Get a grip of your sad little fanboy life.

ps3FTW4883d ago

Well there needs to be a god of war were you cut peter moore head off.

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Scions Wrath4883d ago

Sony was the best by far at E3 2007, i have a 360 and PS3 but im definitely sharing sony's vision of the future of gaming on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.