Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - First Screenshots

Currently in development by IO Interactive, the team behind the Hitman franchise, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men will be released in 2007 initially for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows.

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TheMART5405d ago

Again a game not for PS3. The list of 360 games grows and grows

BLow5405d ago

If you actually read the article in Game Informer they said that there is a chance for it coming to the PS3 as well.

TheMART5405d ago

A chance isn't a hard known fact. And untill it is, it's not for other consoles.

That's always what Sony fans say about Assassins Creed though

Sphinx5405d ago

Dang! I am going to have to get a second job to buy all these good-looking 360 games!

pRo loGic II5405d ago

I agree: too many games in so little time. And you know MS has a secret list of games to counter Sony later at the other game show and then some more for PS3 launch, if you pay attention to MS's style it's how they do it. MS's the quite guy vs Sony being the guy running his mouth.

omansteveo5405d ago

yeah i know just in august we have dead rising,nintey-nine nights, madden and saints row, then into september with more killer games x-mas is going to awesome

Sphinx5405d ago

I'm thinking about leaving my wife so I have more time to play :)