E3: Sony Europe boss David Reeves Talks PS3

Eurogamer sat down with Reeves to find out more about the decision not to do what Sony America did and introduce a straight price cut - plus the new PSP, future plans and who's going to win the next-gen console battle.

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LSDARBY4298d ago

Eurogamer are really good at interviews, they ask good questions. The same with the Peter Moore interview.

Rowland4298d ago

haven't Sony done the same in America ?

Vip3r4298d ago

If you read the article you'll find out. Anyway it's about time Europe got a better deal than the US.

boi4298d ago

*David Reeves: I think people will say to us, 'This is really good for the summer, what are you going to do in October?'. We think that we've offered a lot of value to keep the momentum going until the big titles come out. Then we'll look at doing something else, but for the moment I think it's the right move for us.*

well it answers u there...wait till big titles then a price drop and booom

anh_duong4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

i am a sony fan but i actually think that sony europe are a buch of retards.. look at all my post to see that i am generally a sony fan but sometimes i think sony europen executives are imbeciles to the nth degree.. nothing on europe psn network (although i register on the us), delay europe games (darkness, oblivion etc), more expensive PS3 and no price cuts.

if sony loses control of europe then they got only themselves to blame.. europe is key because japan is ps3 and usa is xbox so the battlefield is europe..

if sony keeps treating eurogamers like second class citizens compared to us and japan then i will jump ship.. i don't like xbox 360 (although i own an xbox original) because i don't like microsoft and hence i rather support sony but there are only so many straws that i can put up with before it breaks my back.

SONY cut the CRAP. SONY Stick your head out of the the SH1T andd listen and respect eurogamers. it is Europe that has given you hope in this generation so don't let them down.


One p1ssed Sony fan

ps: if you don't complain you never get.

Vip3r4298d ago

I take it you are an American? If so I'm glad some of you feel that way for us. It's really annoying for us not having much games or store content espicially when we payed £425 ($840) for a console which was several months late.

+ rep for you.

anh_duong4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

i own two ps3 one uk and one jap spec. i am a uk gamer. you should be able to buy a uk ps3 for about 760 usd. hence sony should have cut this price to 660 usd to spur the market on. the bundle pack is all and good but people will always prefer the flexibility of a price cut.

the issue for me is not the price but a fair deal.


darkdoom30004298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Yus finally europe gets a good deal,a Ps3 motorstrom, resistance and 2 controllers at the same price as just the Ps3 and one controller....AWESOME!!!!

go PS3

yes it is weird...and sad..europe gets treated like crap. They say its because of the translations and stuff but wat bout the eng speaking countries in the PAL region...
.Ah well, atleast its starting to change...we are gettin a good ps3 package! and stimutainous releases are comming out, like MGS4, releases everywhere at the same time!!

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