HD DVD outselling Blu-ray in Europe

FRANKFURT - HD DVD video players have outsold rival standard Blu-ray players by a three-to-one margin in Europe's main markets so far this year, according to a lobby group.

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Captain Tuttle4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

But Reuters and MSNBC are legitimate news outlets, certainly more legitimate than the "Sony Protection Group" nonsense that gets approved on here all the time.

Edit: Meant to reply to #2...whoops.

ITR4299d ago

I need to check the price on the new Sony BD players we're getting in today.
Currently, the A20(retails for $399) cost our company only $119.00.

We sell loads of HD DVD players mostly the A20 model.

Lord Anubis4299d ago

The figures were for stand-alone players only and did not include sales of games consoles such as Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3, which contains a Blu-ray player.

that explains everything.

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P4KY B4299d ago

They would say that wouldn't they. LOL

Just as bad as posting articles from The Sony Protection Group.

Merovee4299d ago

If you notice they're only talking about players not media, which leads me to beleive they did not cout the PS3 as a Blu-Ray Player, so add about 900,000 since march to the BD side and HD is still getting smoked... lol, anything for a spin from the HDDVD lobby heh.

actionjackson4299d ago

Agreed. They are not showing disks sold, which would be a huge factor. Second, if the PS3 is in the number counts, then that means HD-DVD has sold over a million units, which doesn't make too much sense. If they have sold over 1 million, wow.

achira4299d ago

lol, i have never seen a hd dvd player here. lool

Biphter4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Only Blu-Ray stuff. This article is bias, its by the HD-DVD Promotional Group!!! The main reason why HD-DVD standalone players are beating Blu-Ray standalones is because the PS3 makes a sensible alternative. So if your out to buy a Blu-Ray player you have the option for the PS3 which bonuses up as a media center and Games machine!

The only fair way to compare how the formats are doing is with Disc sales, and right now Blu-Ray is TROUNCING HD-DVD, why can't you HD-DVD purists (Sony haters) see that? Thats what counts, and you'll never hear the HD-DVD Promo group tout them figures because it would paint the REAL picture.

In Denmark all I see is Blu-Ray. Fona, Merlin, Blockbuster etc.. they all have Blu-Ray Discs only. I have even asked sales reps if they stock HD-DVD they all say NO. Well actually, One guy in Fona said, "yeah we have HD-DVD" and pointed to the Blu-Ray movies. In his mind HD-DVD IS Blu-Ray, as it is in many other peoples minds. The only exception i've come across was back in the UK last summer (before Blu-Ray came out here) in PC world. A Rep there said that Blu-Ray would die because none of the TV sets they had in were "Blu-Ray Ready" He only sold "HD Ready" sets... well, I had to leave quickly so I could laugh my ass off in the parking lot...

Basically, the sooner this war is over the better, and articles like this just delay the inevitable.

Shadow Flare4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

In HMV in the UK, the bluray section is literally 3 times the size of the HD-DVD section

what idiot disagreed? lemme guess, someone who doesn't live in the UK. Or someone who lives in the UK, but stays indoors all the time and has skin so incredibly pale they never venture outside the front door of their house to even visit HMV.

paul_war4299d ago

Same here, they are both very expensive though, £20+

Hayabusa 1174299d ago

Wow! Someone disagreed with HD DVD and Blu-Ray being £20+! Probably some 12 needing serious attension.

Ggame4299d ago

They crazy that don't included PS3 for Blu-ray Players.

ericnellie4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

The PS3 shouldn't be counted as a Blu Ray player! That would mean that all PS2's, all Xbox's & 360s, and all PCs with a DVD drive would be considered DVD players. These are all consumer electronic devices with other purposes that happen to have a DVD playback feature and aren't necessarily "DVD Players". The numbers really start to get skewed when you incorporate everything with a DVD drive or playback capability. Then what, do computer people count the PS3 as a computer because it has that capability, or do the Blu Ray people count it as a Blu Ray player, or do video game people count it as a game console, or can we consider the PS3 a PS2 and a PS1 since it has that capability as well? Come on, we've got to draw the line somewhere as everyone wants to increase their numbers in all businesses.

Edit - why in the hell would anyone disagree with my statement. The numbers are for STAND ALONE PLAYERS which, means that it's number #1 priority is to play movies (all extra features aside). The PS3 is not a STAND ALONE PLAYER -- it only has a Blu Ray drive for video game content storage with blu ray movie watching features as an extra bonus. The PS3's #1 Priority is for gaming...anyone who thinks other wise has been living under a rock.

THE_JUDGE4299d ago

The numbers are for stand alone players and we all know that the PS3 sells both Blu-ray's and games. They're just trying to puff their chest out and hang on for dear life.

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