Spotted in E3 Halo 3 demo: gravity hammer

Joystiq was lucky enough to snag a second look at Bungie's E3 presentation and, lo and behold, players were treated to a new weapon ... sort of. During the saved film portion of the presentation, a Spartan soldier was wielding what was clearly a gravity hammer, similar to the one wielded by Tartarus in Halo 2.

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Bloodmask4299d ago

to have another melee weapon. This could be the grunt version of the energy sword.

Hayabusa 1174299d ago

Sounds like Bungie really are pulling out all the stops this time. Hopefully, their won't be any weapons used by other characters that you can't use. Jackal shields? Hunter fuel rods?

crazyman4299d ago

well if you look at the recent trailer, MC has what looks like the old "rocket launcher esque" fuel rod cannon when he boards the mongoose

crazyman4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Wow my first double post :)

crazyman4299d ago

That looks like it could be very fun online.

although whats the point. Itll probly do more damage than the sword and thats 1 hit kill, so maybe its for splatting vechiles

Hayabusa 1174299d ago

Anti vehicle melee weapon sounds good, but it'll probably be slower that the sword.

THAMMER14299d ago

Sounds cool. I wonder if it is another 3rd person weapon.

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The story is too old to be commented.