E3: Assassin's demo rushed because of Bungie

The Assassin's Creed conference demo was rushed because Bungie couldn't get a single-player Halo 3 demo ready in time, CVG hears.

Apparently the reason Jade Raymond and her accomplice had a few issues with the live playable demo (that was a bit buggy in places) was that the Montreal development studio had to rush to get something ready for the show as the request of Microsoft. This apparently happened because Bungie couldn't get a playable demo of Halo 3's single-player campaign ready to show in time.

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SuperSaiyan44304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Blame Bungie? Oh please Ubisoft now don't start pointing to one of the best developers in the industry because you can't make any games without any bugs!

Proof of your inability to make bug free games are in all places, look at GRAW 1 & 2 and Rainbow 6: Vegas.

The Assasins Creed demo was no different I bet that it will also have bugs and glitches in the final game - Ubisofts new motto 'We love bugs!'

@ LSDARBY look mate you used to be on my friends list on LIVE and I know first hand from what you told me that you dont know much about the PS3 or even the 360 in all the technical stuff and here you slagging me off at any chance you get?

Only a fanboy would talk like how you do and I know you to be one.

I clearly said ONE OF THE BEST I did not say they are the BEST meaning they are only the developer in the industry to be no.1

Ubisoft has become similar to EA but imo worse.

LSDARBY4304d ago

Bungie best developer in the industry. lol at you

004304d ago

one of the best, maybe you should read more carefully.

LSDARBY4304d ago

Bungie aint one of the best devs. They have made one good game. You cant call them on of the best developers for one game.

tplarkin74304d ago

Halo was a whole generation ahead of the competition and happened to be an great game, too. The scale and technical achievements in Halo were larger than any other developer of the last console generation. At lease concede that Bungie is in the top 10.

Jdoki4303d ago

If Bungie is one of the best devs, it's because of Myth II : Soulblighter.

Forget Halo 3, I'd rather see Myth 3.

dantesparda4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

Hey Supersaiyan
Who are you calling a fanboy? when you, yourself are nothing but a rabid fanboy, so give it a rest. I swear that half you people on this site love to accuse others of being fanboys, when you's youselves are fanboys. And you know you are a fanboy when you think that Halo is the greatest sh!t on earth (360 fanboys) whereas PS3 fanboys could care less about it. And vice-versa, PS3 fanboys think that all these Sony IP's are the greatest sh!t on earth, while the 360 fanboys yawn at it. It's pathetic people and all this fanboyism is getting real fvcking old.

If they say that they rushed because they felt pressured by MS to bail em out cuz Bungie couldnt come through/pull its weight, then i believe'em. I dont think they are lying. Now get off these systems and companies nuts, cuz its pathetic. It's friday night, go out and shake your @ss and get some tail. Im out, about to get my drunk on for the club..., out!

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004304d ago

I think there lying, and SP:C better not have any bugs cause thats the only game I like from ubisoft.

Hayabusa 1174304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

So the footage we've seen of Halo 3 isn't actually "pubic demo worthy". The video itself feels somewhat rushed together, so I can believe that. I think Bungie should do their own thing at their own pace. And I don't blame Microsoft for putting pressure on Bungie, I blame all the legion of unreasonable gamers who would have moaned if Bungie hadn't shown anything. Hopefully, Bungie will be honest about it and elaborate in their next weekly update (if it's even true).

And as for Assassin's Creed, well, like I said before, it's just a couple of glitches, give them a break.

darkdoom30004304d ago

Why is this on the Ps3 section?

anyway, blaming budgie? lol.
Everything has bugs, but they could have gotten some beta testers beforehand...

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