OnThisIsland Review: Super Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4 (SF4) was released in February 2009 on the home consoles and was an immediate hit with fans of the series and fighting fans alike. With millions of online brawlers kicking each others virtual butt it was no suprise that Capcom would release additional content and cash in on the success. Its time to take the fight to the streets again, but can this expansion really warrant a purchase?

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garos824897d ago

this game has me hooked by the balls! its great to see that brawlers online are not using the usual ken/ryu/ sagat mix.

im currently trying to master adon and t hawk!

hadoken14897d ago

great review, cant wait to pick this up on monday!

anyone want to fight add me on psn: shoushoukos

supermario904895d ago

great game,good review. worth every cent. makoto ftw

garos824895d ago

she is such a pain in the arse!

inztinkt4895d ago

great review in a lot of detail, altho i myself am more of a strategy game player, this game does look interesting. is this the last SF released? and are there plans for future releases?

Zolomio4893d ago

I always wanted to master some games and the SF series is one those that i wish i was really good at. Alas, i am crap so i don't think i am going get this one. SF4 a year ago brought back some good memories but no more than that. Great review man btw!


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XxNxWxOxX2655d ago

I have needed this is my life since the original Mortal Kombat

nitus102653d ago

Actually, the article is pretty good (IMHO) although I personally have never really liked pure fighting games. I do however like the Souls and Bloodborne series and am quite reasonable playing them although I could "git bttr". 😉

JakeNoseIt2654d ago

I swear by Injustice being the most accessible fighting game out there. Play Injustice!

JackGash2654d ago

Injustice is a very accessible fighting game, It takes the mechanics of MK9 and expands on them in interesting ways. I would say Injustice and Mortal Kombat are among the more accessible.

BenXavier132654d ago

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeah. I need to do ALL THE THINGS on here lol Minus the salty, I've never been that guy when it comes to video games.

thomasprince23262654d ago

Makes me feel happy knowing that I do most of these.

2653d ago

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