IBM says Cell production is now going well.

THE CELL PROCESSOR is steadily being shoved out the door of IBM plants, despite reports of poor yields.
Sources have informed the Inq that IBM executives have told employees within the firm, that yields are "on or above" targets.

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so which is it?

on or above?

Silent5405d ago

ON is GOOD and ABOVE is BETTER, ya dig???

zypher5405d ago

um dude, you have NO idea where i'm going with this. there's a BUNCH of comments below that could use your fanboy idiocy. how bout you get to it?

achira5405d ago

i think the process is normal. its a good news. this shows everything goes well !!! thats nice, i cant wait for my ps3.

Islandkiwi5405d ago

It doesn't tell you how many they've successfully produced, nor what their definition of an acceptable yield is.

Shadow Flare5405d ago

how about...

their being produced


they work

pRo loGic II5405d ago

It's wise not pay any attention to anything Sony and friends say until, you can see and touch, feel, smell taste, play, open and see for you're self ect. With Sony the truth is often different from news/hype/repots that come out before the product.

zypher5405d ago

well, you have to believe SOME of it; otherwise you wouldn't be here posting about it. if you believe its a lie then why is it worth commenting about?

Shadow Flare5405d ago

you guys WOULD be abit hesitant to believe something like this, but if a bad rumour against sony popped up, OH! It's gotta be true because blah, blah, blah

TheMART5405d ago

That's fun. Targets at this moment where 10 to 20% with redundancy 20 to 40 %.

So I guess if they're on that targets it's probably 20 to 40%. Better then it was, but still to low. If it really was normal yield of close to 90% they would have said it with hard numbers. Now they don't it tells enough:

Still bad yields. And costs for sh*tty chips have to be paid

achira5405d ago

you have no idea what the actual yield are and what the normal yields are, for sure not 90%.

TheMART5405d ago

So if they're not for sure are close to 90%, what is it then Achira, tell us as you seem to know better!