PS3 Out of Stock at

While the PS3 is still siting at the top of Videogame bestsellers, Gamers looking to snag's PS3 deal will have to wait for stock to be replenished as the online retailer seems to be sold out at the moment.


Amazon is now back in stock.

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deepujatt20055216d ago

where it says its sold out?

Snake_Doctor5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

If you look it only has marketplace options (same as Wii), and Bloodmask no this wasn't posted before as far as I am aware. Do you have a link?

Edit: @sony fan
Cute, or I could say microsoft freelancers (or paid posters) are really on the defensive after E3 and any positive PS3 news irritates you more than bad taco meat. See what i did there?

sony fan5216d ago

Yay, lets find any and every little thing about a playstation actually selling and post it like news. Sure does make me feel better, as a sony fan I need a lot of reassurance, a lot, over and over that it will get better. No matter how rediculously pathetic the "news" is.

Mr VideoGames5216d ago

ya it is really getting TIRING seeing this stuff, i want News not info that the PS3 Finally made a SELL cause as a 360 Owner i don't need Asurance i know we have a Good Console

sony fan5215d ago

I would appreciate anything anyone might say, I am only sony fan because they are the funniest to act like. I don't care what you say as long as it is anti-fanboy, you are welcome to be MS fan if you want. i Will be soon.

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Bloodmask5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

this Amazon article posted already?

I know PS3 sales are up....I just thought I read this story about Amazon yesterday.

nurayi5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

the article you are remembering was either the amazon sales increase one (#1 on amazon sales list since), or the sold out at circuit city. if your a gamer you'll be looking to get one too, before you cant find any :)

Odion5216d ago

honestly how many freaking Amazon posts are we going to see??? The elite and Wii are sold out 2, we don't make crap about it all the time

nurayi5216d ago

if it doesnt interest you move on

SAMMAN75216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

compusa is running out too "not availible in-store" and limited to 1 per customer online.

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The story is too old to be commented.