Nintendo looks at the possibility of overtaking Playstation 2 sales with Wii

Sony Playstation 2 has been the largest selling videogame console in the history of the industry. Sony continues to sell large number of PS2 in the market even today.

Nintendo now has a probable contender to the massive popularity and user base of the Playstation 2 gaming console

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aiphanes4299d ago

50 million wiis total is max....the Xbox 360 will get to 35 million and the PS3 will get to 75 million.

When the price of the PS3 falls to within the price of the that time all old PS2 users will be PS3 the PS3 has a chance to get past 75 million....Casual games will get boring if there is no innovation...

Once God of war 3 comes out and Final Fantasy 13 comes out...people will be buying the PS3 like no tommorrow...and Gears of War 2 will sale a lot more of the redesigned and reliable Xbox 360s.

chitown4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

i honestly think the wii is only a party kind of system. i cant see people playing it by themselves. its great to bust it out whenever ur having friends over but other than that 360 and the ps3 r the way to go. people r just buying the wii cause its something new and controls look cool and its a lot cheaper than other things in the merket, but i think itll die down. it doesnt have many great games that i wanrtcoming out for it except brawl mario cart and metroid

and BTW hell no i dont think itll ever hit the 120 mark

btkadams4299d ago

nintendo is dreaming if they think they're gonna sell 120 million wiis. not to be rude to wii fans, but the wii can't sell 120 mil units with just party and fitness games. the ps2 had quite a bit of party games as well, but you cannot say those are the games that sold more ps2s.

if nintendo makes more games for the hardcore gamer, then they might have a chance. but looking at the horizon, i can only see ps3 reaching that number, with 360 not too far behind.

ER1X4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )


Kudos to anything that surpasses that number.

MyNutsYourChin4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Your remark is simple, clear, and obvious. Unfortunately, the average reader fails to understand the title. I also agree with your kudos to which ever console that outsells the 120 million mark. Bubble for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.