Nintety-Nine Nights Review

Xbox360Next gives Xbox Evolved a quick look at Ninety-Nine Nights, in this Japanese import review, find out what our fellow Japanese Xbox 360 gamers think of this frantic action game from Phantagram.

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pRo loGic II5407d ago

Going to the Arcade when i was young is when i really fell in-love with playing vid's, this game brings that back to me in my home; thanks MS i have already paind for this game.

pRo loGic II5407d ago

Quote]At the end of the game, the final character that is unlocked, has a terrible power, and a strength that can only be matched by the last enemy, and that is why it is worth playing to the last minute. It is worth the time, and I hope they put out a sequel to such a fantastic title, and hopefully Americans will pick up on the title as well.

Dick Jones5407d ago

Guess I'll have to wait to hear what an american has to say about it.

omansteveo5407d ago

it comes out on the 15th so we dont have that long to wait...i might be to busy playin dead rising though

rexdriver5407d ago

I've played the Asian version, and in summary it is a no brainer hack and slash game without more. Graphics are good no doubt, but depth in the game is not there at all. There's absolutely no point in having control of armies in the game 'cos you do 98% of the killing. While I do admit that there was something strangely fun about mindlessly hacking and slashing away at the hordes surrounding you, and the story aspect of it was in a way intriguing, nonetheless it is a shallow and repetitive game.

xXbebofisherXx5406d ago

with dw5empires that was rather ridiculous but fun this "mindless" hack and slash should over pass dw5 empires with ease. ive played the asian full game and the american demo and its a promising game for hack and slash fans of games like dw, dmc, choas legion, etc. if your looking for a game that will just have you mashing the same buttons over and over again but provide countless hours of fun for the price tag of 49.99 (the u.s) it is well worth the 50 bucks. when FPS and other things get boring get your thumb ready for some exercise itll want to fall off for. very good game i would suggest anyone to get it for just having fun purposes.

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