Apple sells 1 million iPads in less than 1 month

Yes, even after much criticism, the Apple iPad has gone on to hit the 1 million mark in just 28 days. They have also noted that over 12 millions apps were downloaded from the iTunes Store, with over 1.5 million ebooks being purchased as well from the iBookStore.

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frankymv3087d ago

Another market that will be dominated by apple..

Take note people, Apple is the HOTTEST tech company on the planet.....PERIOD

ATi_Elite3087d ago

I love the iPad and where the "slate" device will kill off netbooks and most laptops but....

I don't like the Ipad because you can't multitask on the stupid thing. Apple makes hot products but they always find a way to leave out something important.

I'll get a Sony or HP slate running windows 7, some people like to browse the net and watch a movie while running a torrent and IM friends all at once.

Ipad overpriced and underachieves wow another Apple product not worth the money.

vmartin123087d ago

If they actually made it so the iPad was running a Mac OS.. I would have bought it in a instant... 2 USB Ports + WebCam = Killer Device of 2010.. I don't want a over sized/over priced iPod Touch.. Mac OS... Please?