Frontlines: Fuel of Wars Screens

Here are som new screens of the upcoming action game for the Xbox 360.

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TheMART5407d ago

Now this looks like a great game.

Haven't seen one of these on PS3 again! ANd whow it's not for PSZero again! That system goes down so hard

achira5407d ago

this will be on the ps3 also. if someone reads your comments its easy to belief you are very ill.

TheMART5407d ago

You know what's ill?

That I bought a PS2 on Sony lies and the DVD drive gave up on me after a short period of time. And that they wanted to charge me a lot of money just for repairing it.

And the great online service we would get back then and never arrived.

Men they did let me down.

Does this story sounds familiar? Right, because the same lies from back then they're repeating now with the PS3. It's scary how much it looks alike. But probably you're not old enough to have your brain remembered it.

Otherwise you would have known!

SO yeah I hope the PS3 will suck big time. Sony deserves it. They deserve to pay for what they did to 50 million people that bought the PS2 and then had to buy it again because their drive stopped working.

Stand alone BR player 1.000 dollars/euro's
PS3 600 dollars/euro's

Get the picture again? Stand alone great quality player, PS64 a sh*tty drive again of inferior quality. Need of buying another one in one or two years pay another 600 dollars/euro's.

THat's a nice thing to look forward to, that's really ILL

General5407d ago

This is from the PS3 version Btw, You should have posted it in the PS3 section to, And yeah it looks good.

omansteveo5407d ago

its in the 360 section of gamespot

Asuka5407d ago

this is a PS3 game too