Boy Scouts Award Gamer Highest Honour

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), just recently turned 100, has accepted the first ever Eagle Scout title for a videogame-related project.

Even old and venerable organisations such as the BSA is starting to join us in the 21st century, as they indirectly have started to support competitive gaming of StarCraft as a hobby.

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Cogo5198d ago

Oh really now?

Quite interesting. I mean a little badge is one thing, but this is like big....

Djorgo5198d ago

Yes, I saw that link too. Pretty cool, huh?

King Klear5198d ago

I wonder if it will start a trend...

Government Cheese5198d ago

I have a friend who became an Eagle Scout a year or so ago, I bet he would've loved to play games to get that honor though lol.

Djorgo5198d ago

That's pretty cool. I wonder if this will open floodgates for loads of video-game related Eagle Scouts...

theCHUNK5198d ago

I don't know... this is actually kind of sad to me. Playing on your computer seems like the opposite of what Boy Scouts is about.

Cogo5198d ago

Well, perhaps that's mainly just casual couch potato playing rather than competitive gaming?

freeblue5198d ago

more like i don't care what you do.. just join us and give us your membership fee.

i'm guessing with today health in american youth.. boy scout numbers are decreasing.

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It Seems Pretty Clear Why StarCraft 3 is Not a Thing Yet

Even though fans have been clamoring for a StarCraft 3 for years now, it seems like Blizzard really has no reason to spend time making one.

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StormSnooper249d ago

They sort of ran the story as far as it could go.

Also, it seems like blizzard is more busy with mediocrity at this point in time.

Jingsing249d ago

The problem with Blizzard is they have franchises that don't need sequels. People are happy playing the games that they previously made. What they need is new games, none of this business of trying to transport the old audience into a new version of an old game which only ends up nickle and dime'ing users.


$15 horse for WoW made more money than StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Jason Hall, currently an indie developer and former Blizzard employee, has been sharing some really interesting stories from his long career in the industry for a while now. Some of them are truly insightful, while others may seem depressing.

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Sciurus_vulgaris251d ago

I’m a little shocked that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty sold only around 6 million copies. The original StarCraft did over 11 million. Maybe Blizzard was too leisurely in releasing StarCraft 2? Starcraft 2 came out 12 years after it’s predecessor.

Plague-Doctor27250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Im surprised too. Starcraft was still a huge name in 2010. It was kinda the only new RTS around and other genres like MOBAs hadn't really kicked off yet. I do remember at the time sentiment around the game was
pretty angry the game was being split into 3 but I doubt that would have impacted sales to that degree

Sciurus_vulgaris250d ago

For a long time I believed StarCraft II sold on par or better than its predecessor. There was so much hype for the game. Plus it had a pretty strong E-Sports scene for a few years.

Myself and half a dozen friends all bought StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and played it religiously for a full year. While I bought the expansions, most of my friends did not. RPGs seem to be a generally low selling genre.

Nerdmaster250d ago

I'm not shocked at all. This was an early example of Blizzard being greedy. Instead of releasing a complete experience, splitting Starcraft 2 in 3 parts so it could make us purchase it 3 times if we wanted to know the whole story and play story mode with the other races.

Sciurus_vulgaris250d ago

I originally had that stance. However, Wings of Liberty, was just as long, if not longer than StarCraft 1. The expansions were of decent length too and added a good amount of additional content.

il-JumperMT251d ago

and people wonder why we are having mtx in everything. i blame the people who actual buy them.