Ballad of Gay Tony outselling Lost and Damned on PSN

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is currently outselling Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned on the Playstation Store.

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Government Cheese5195d ago

Not suprising.. BoGT is better than Vanilla GTA4 and TLAD in almost every way.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5195d ago

Yh, I heard TBoGT was more fun so i bought it and didn't buy TLaD

Kratos Spartan5195d ago

But yea I would say Ballad is the better game. Story, missions, there's just more to do. I would recommend it over Lost if you want to choose. Money being a concern.

Sarcasm5195d ago

WTF... does those examiner people really classify this as news?

ElementX5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

Examiner = pretty much any dbag can comment and post crap which is then submitted as "news"

Sorry that was disrespectful. As a witch I should respect others. But I'm not going to erase my comment because I want people to know what the apology is for.

El_Colombiano5195d ago

I only bought TBoGT and man was that a great episode. And concerning The Examiner and this article, I'm glad they wrote it. Yeah it is just a report of what the PSN has up but hey, if it weren't this I wouldn't have known.

Kratos Spartan5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

A Coven would refer to a male as Warlock. Your profile says you are male. But this isn't the place for a discussion like that. It just caught my eye is all.

Blessed Be

ElementX5195d ago

Well, warlock is not a term used these days.

Blessed Be

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Aphe5195d ago

I'm getting both this week at some point, been replaying GTA4 and forgot how good it was. I might even platinum it if I can get the time, multiplayer trophies might hold me back though, not much of a mp player really.

ThatArtGuy5195d ago

I have all the trophies for GTA4 proper, except for the Wanted Trophy. I don't feel like grinding for 40+ hours for it.

Hanif-8765195d ago

GTA IV is very difficult game to platinum because of the multiplayer, its very time consuming.

Aphe5195d ago

Hmm, yeah I was reading about that one, sounds like a bit of a b1tch to get. I thought at first the Rockstar one would be the hardest, but as I understand it (from what I've read anyway) you have to beat someone with that trophy, or someone from Rockstar, am I right?

Man In Black5195d ago

Which makes them pretty much impossible to get.

Also, Lost and Damned at least had a superior story and main character compared to Ballad Of Gay Tony.

Bren865195d ago

I've platinum'd GTA IV, the online trophies took well over 70 hours if I remember correctly. Find a good partner and its fine. Good Luck!

badz1495195d ago

and I replayed GTAIV to at least finish the game as I know platinum will be impossible at this point but is the damn game boring as hell! I stopped playing after forcing myself through about 25 hours and I'm still at 51%! "go there kill this guy" - flush and repeat for almost all the time really killed it for me! no wonder I stopped playing it not so long ago after I got it! now, I don't even feel to get the BD version anymore! I think, playing the main game again was a HUGE mistake!

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Kakihara5195d ago

As someone who totally respected Rockstar for trying to do something different with GTA 4 by going for realism and standing out from the dozens of silly over the top open world games that sprung up since they invented the genre, also speaking as someone who was way more interested in experiencing the story of a biker gang member more than a the story of a modern hedonistic nightclub bouncer with douchebag hair, I still have to say the Ballad of Gay Tony is amazing and by far the best GTA I've played since Vice city.

The dialogue is the best I've ever heard in a GTA game, the characters are brilliant. Most of all though I like the fact that the way the city looks doesn't make me want to slit my wrists, it actually feels like a nice place to be. I think they finally found the perfect mix of realism and fun. You have to suspend your disbelief a little more than usual when you can walk away calmly without a wanted level after just killing dozens of swat members and blowing up a helicopter but after playing it you won't get the feeling like you've just been experiencing boring everyday life through the eyes of a depressed garbage man.

Kratos Spartan5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

These do not require GTAIV to play. At least the retail version, shouldn't be any different for the downloads.

edit@ aphe: I bought the Blu-Ray version and it doesn't need GTAIV, says right on the back of the box.

edit2: oh damn ok, guess it is different for the downloads. Yea I wasn't much help at all.

Aphe5195d ago

I'm pretty sure you do need to have GTA4. I don't think they're standalone.

The Iron Sheik5195d ago

The GTA 4 disc is required to play the downloaded versions.

AliTheBrit195195d ago

You could just download GTA IV too? does PSN have the full GTA IV?

I haven't checked it in a while, but Xbox Live has a huge library of on demand titles.

Godmars2905195d ago

So much for trying to offer a concise question...

LtSkittles5195d ago

No you need the GTA IV disc, and a finished save file if you want to download them, but if you want to buy them on the EFLC disc you don't need the GTA IV disc. Ali, GTA IV is not on the PSN Store.

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BubbleSystemSuck5195d ago

This mean, all PS3 gamers are Gay?

just kidding...

I liked more Ballad of gay Tony.. really

rezzah5195d ago

lol was gona say the same question, havnt played any of the dlc's though.

seinfan5195d ago

Isn't the Lost and the Damned the one where they show d*ck? Both expansion packs seem to play to the homosexuals.