Pachter: First Activision-Bungie game 'well along' in development, will sell at least 10 million units


Though firm details about the terms of the Activision-Bungie partnership are still awfully slim, industry analyst extraordinaire Michael Pachter has given his two cents to Gamasutra about the financial potential of the merger, which should result in Activision earning a great deal more than two cents.

First, Pachter suggests this is a publishing partnership instead of a mere distribution agreement, which will increase Activision's profit margins from around 10 percent to anywhere between 15 and 20 percent on all of Bungie's titles. He estimates that, should the developer's future titles be as popular as its Halo franchise (which typically sold 10 million units a piece), they could as many as 15 million units by virtue of Bungie's new multiplatform ambitions. According to his calculations, should it sell 10 million units, Activision stands to make $65 million off the first successful Bungie title

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TreMillz4072d ago

Let's hope Bungie takes being a multiplatform developer to its full advantage. And please whether PS3 or 360 is the lead console, no F'ed ports!

BeaArthur4072d ago

That's a lot of units for something Bungie develops without the word Halo on the front. I think their first game will be good enough to sell that many units but very few games reach that mark. Also Pachter said it so that makes it even more unlikely.


atcher, never the one to state the obvious, so I'm a little surprised. I was expecting him to say something like "Wii's version will have dlc...".

Danteh4072d ago

Patcher sucks balls


PS: New N4G YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

Anorexorcist4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

He and every PS3 critic act like they have a crystal ball and state future assumptions as facts.

Unfortunetly for Pachter, he doesn't have an immaculate history in fortune telling: "PS3 will not be able to make a comeback unless Sony releases a Blu Ray-less PS3"

ikkeweer4072d ago

on anything with the word Patcher in it.
I don't hate the guy, but everything he says is pointless to me.

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BeaArthur4072d ago

It would be better if something was impaling his head.

Kingdom Come4072d ago

This guy seriously needs to STFU...

Bathyj4072d ago

And in he swoops to weight in with his prophetic wisdom.

Where was your "Bungie will sign with Activision for 10 years" prediction?

I know we would have all laughed, but at least we'd take you seriously now.

TheTwelve4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Good point. If he had predicted this I would actually have given him props.


RadientFlux4072d ago

I belive that Bungie's next title will either an RTS or an MMO.

TheTwelve4072d ago

No, I'll be Pachter: "Bungie's next game will be a Japanese RPG."


-Ikon-4072d ago

MMO mark my words.. Halo on steroids? come on..

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