Xbox Dead Without PGR and Halo Developers to Buoy Console?

Charles Austin speculates on MS's next move with Activision taking another major developer by writing: "Microsoft has dropped the ball in so many instances now that it may be completely impossible to recover. Fans of the mega-company's gaming hardware have to face some facts at this point when it comes to the franchises that Microsoft had used to establish the Xbox brand in the first place. They're gone."

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lociefer5200d ago

a 360 doomed article ? lol am i dreaming ?

vgn245200d ago

I expected people to start some BS about how this is good for Microsoft or they planned it and it will somehow hurt the PS3. lol People facing FACTS!?!?! What has the world come to.

vgchica5200d ago

Xbox was a test. Xbox 360 was the success and the next Xbox (which WILL happen) will be number one. Screw Bungie. no one needs em.

dangert125200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

and when i brought it i has halo and pgr in mind
dont disagree look at my game card you fool
i have pgr 4
halo 3, halo 3 odst and halo wars

zoks3105200d ago

We are going to be seeing these doom articles for a long time, so grab your popcorn and soda guys.

LMAO... today is the best day to be a Sony supporter.

SuperStrokey11235200d ago

LOL i was gonna say the same thing, my how times have changed.

sinclaircrown5200d ago

Yes the 360 has had a rough ride, but I still enjoy mine and have plenty of great games to play. I see no point in these "xbox dead" "xbox is doomed" articles. 40million, or whatever the real number is, even with rrod, units sold. There will be another Xbox. There will be another Playstation. There Will be another Nintendo console.

People who love video games will be spoiled once again. Except for fanboys. They will only be spoiled a little by sticking to one console.

Hands Up For Games5200d ago

Does this mean you are coming out of the closet?

Admitting to be a Fanboy?

*Drops head and wonders what happened to this hobby I love*


ou know what? This might be a blessing in disguise for 360 fans. I doubt it, but, maybe this might scare MS into revealing a secret game, just to show that they haven't or they're not going to cave from the "MADNESS". They did say they had games that look better than Gears of War that they haven't shown yet....

Imalwaysright5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

You do realize that Bungie's Halo is the Xbox brand flagship title and is the main reason why the Xbox brand has been successful this generation, right? And lets not forget that Halo Reach is definitely the biggest game for the 360 and probably the biggest game of the year!!

@ Flow I didnt say that Halo was the only reason. i said that Halo is the main reason why the Xbox brand has been successful.

silvacrest5200d ago

i think 360 fans would be happier if microsoft just bought a studio


Alwaysright, no, I disagree. Maybe last gen that was the case, but this gen has several more factors concerning the 360s success. Halo, isn't the only thing moving the 360 along. No not at all....

Inside_out5200d ago

Shouldn't someone tell M$....I mean ME2, Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Fable, something called Reach...all the great Multi-plats that sell better on 360 than anywhere else...the huge subscriber base for xbox live...The best on line, best controller and console OS...Brand spanking New device in the Voice activating/recognizing and controller less project Natal...huge price drop coming this holiday to coincide with the launch of Natal......LMFAO....sad fanboy's...

Shadow Flare5200d ago

Oh....for crying out loud, it does my head in when people say that. I heard that stupid little theory about 3 years ago. Oh, xbox was a test, xbox 360 was a more successful test but the THIRD XBOX, ho ho, hold onto your hats because THAT'S the console microsoft ACTUALLY meant to be number one!!!

No. Face the facts. That stupid theory is an excuse. I'll tell you microsoft's real plan. Release xbox and try to be number 1. Release xbox 360 and try to be number 1. Unfortunately for ms, neither were number 1. See, sony had the same plan. But in sony's instance, their first attempt with a console sold 100 million + consoles and their second attempt sold 140 million + consoles. Success. No excuses.

The Wood5200d ago

what a fanatic...calm down ull do urself some damage.....also remember that there's something called...'the rest of the world' NA is not the only continent out here yougen. im sure you've heard what many devs have said about making more of the ps3 so why do you act like its all one way....stop projecting nonsense...ur coming off like a 2007 fanboy.....this years lineup is a lot better from MS's point of view though....ill give you that, Much better.

Hallmark Moment5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

This wouldn't be N4G's without them lol.

Goofy article.

piroh5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

no nintendo, no sony, but activision is the main enemy for microsoft

lowcarb5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

This is going to be a big and important year for Microsofts 360. If Natal and Reach do well I'm sure they will make some type of huge 1st party announcements come E3 or GDC. Rare really needs to step there game up (with help from Lionhead) and 343 will handle all things Halo from here on out of course. Yeah this looks like hope for 360 haters but unfortunately it's going to be a wake up call because now MS more than likely is going to push harder to make the 360 even more of a must have. Halo still belongs to MS so anyone hoping it is gone are going to have to keep on crying because it's going to be around for a long time.

Edit below: And just what kind of impact do you think GT5 will have on 360? It will be a great racer but if you think it's going to have a deep impact on Natal, Reach or Gears3 your in for a shocker. When are the just wait for PS3 to come out with this or that going to hit you as not happening. Times have changed and until Gt5 is out we have no idea what it will sell.

xXRight3yeXx5200d ago

Xbox 360 will be dead when GT5 comes out. Mark my words.

ProjectVulcan5200d ago

Losing the three B's was always going to hurt. Bungie, Bizarre and Bioware. Microsoft will regret sooner or later letting them get away

Hallmark Moment5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

I think we have been hearing this lack of studios gloom and doom BS for years now[out of the gate] I'm sure Microsoft has plans; they always do. The bulk of 3rd party developers depend on the 360. If Microsoft had too many 1st party studios the health of the industry would suffer.

BattleAxe5200d ago

Epic is the only good studio that is backing the 360 now. I think this is where we can say who won the console war.

La Chance5200d ago

PS3 was supposed to be dead when FF13 went multiplat...look what happened.

360 definitely not dead because Bungie are going multi.

mikeslemonade5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

Microsoft will be trying to buy out games as usual, but nothing will equalize the lost of Bungie. If you combine FFXIII multiplatform, GTA exclusive DLC, and those Japanese RPGs they still don't add up to what Bungie is. Over half of the 360 install base probably bought it for Halo as their #1 reason to purchase a 360.

And there's a reason why developers are dipping out of Microsoft. Microsoft must be practicing a lot of shady business therefore developers don't like to work with them. You xbox zealots can't even properly defend your own console. Today is going to be an easy day for me.

For LA Chance:
Oh so you admit FFXIII is just as good as Halo 3?