StarCraft 2 Mac Client Now Available

Details of the recently released Mac client for StarCraft II are now available.

The client was released just a short while ago, and while it's currently available only for North Americans, it will be "coming soon" to other regions and languages.

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Djorgo5192d ago

I wonder if they realised that would be the most over-used comment since... well, I don't know what has been more over-used :P

Cogo5192d ago

Gosh, it felt so close to release back in 2007 :P

illizit5192d ago

Yay, now .01% of gamers can enjoy starcraft 2!

BulletToothtony5192d ago

i love ignorance!

I'm sure that's why steam and blizzard enjoy bringing games to mac.

Just to waste money right.. i bet you my imac can run games better than your pc can.

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Recka5192d ago

Interesting, congrats to mac owners

Djorgo5192d ago

I have several Mac freak friends who will be delighted they won;t have to reboot just to play SC2 :)

c0de5192d ago

mac users; welcome to beta, just don't go off on how your trendy crap is superior to pc =P

Cogo5192d ago

Much to the point at N4G...

There isn't even a Mac category. The author of this news item had to put it in PC :P

Djorgo5192d ago


That is true!

(I was the one who found it)

Mista T5192d ago

ohh the irony, you don't even now

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$15 horse for WoW made more money than StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Jason Hall, currently an indie developer and former Blizzard employee, has been sharing some really interesting stories from his long career in the industry for a while now. Some of them are truly insightful, while others may seem depressing.

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Sciurus_vulgaris244d ago

I’m a little shocked that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty sold only around 6 million copies. The original StarCraft did over 11 million. Maybe Blizzard was too leisurely in releasing StarCraft 2? Starcraft 2 came out 12 years after it’s predecessor.

Plague-Doctor27243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Im surprised too. Starcraft was still a huge name in 2010. It was kinda the only new RTS around and other genres like MOBAs hadn't really kicked off yet. I do remember at the time sentiment around the game was
pretty angry the game was being split into 3 but I doubt that would have impacted sales to that degree

Sciurus_vulgaris243d ago

For a long time I believed StarCraft II sold on par or better than its predecessor. There was so much hype for the game. Plus it had a pretty strong E-Sports scene for a few years.

Myself and half a dozen friends all bought StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and played it religiously for a full year. While I bought the expansions, most of my friends did not. RPGs seem to be a generally low selling genre.

Nerdmaster243d ago

I'm not shocked at all. This was an early example of Blizzard being greedy. Instead of releasing a complete experience, splitting Starcraft 2 in 3 parts so it could make us purchase it 3 times if we wanted to know the whole story and play story mode with the other races.

Sciurus_vulgaris243d ago

I originally had that stance. However, Wings of Liberty, was just as long, if not longer than StarCraft 1. The expansions were of decent length too and added a good amount of additional content.