Think the PS3 Is Expensive? Go to Israel

We really have no reason to bitch. Well, we do but, compared to the Israelis, we'll be getting the PlayStation 3 damn cheap. Reader Shalom reports that an official Isfar Rep (Sony's official importer in Israel) told him there will be no 60GB model shipped in Israel at all. Instead, the country will get the 20GB model in November via Isfar, and then the 60GB model at astronomical prices. Think the 360 is a cheaper option? It is, but not by much. Shalom explains:

At the moment Xbox 360 doesn't have an official importer to Israel and costs 1000$ (And Xbox 360 games cost as high as 110$), So if Isfar will get the 60GB model to Israel it can cost up to 1500$ (Making it cost like a new HDTV in Israel). As for today the PS2 still costs 300$ at retail from official import by Isfar.

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BIadestarX4557d ago

sucks for them, but just because it is more expensive somewhere else it does not mean it is cheap.

THELANDSOFSAND4556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

i think the cost of PS3's are the last thing on the mind of people in Israel...

benihya4556d ago

How much do you think the PS3 will coat
in Palestine????
wait wait Isreal toke out thier electricity.
So NO PS3 for Palestine ??????

Dick Jones4556d ago

Every Sand Merchant and his brother in that big desert wants israel blown off the face of the map.

highps34556d ago

All those complaining about the price should go to Israel..

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