HP Buys Palm: How It Changes Everything

Brian Barrett and John Herrman of Gizmodo write:

"Rejoice: HP is buying Palm! If the boring beigeness of HP doesn't kill it in the process, this could only be good for anyone looking for a neat solid smartphone that beats Google and Apple in many areas."

RosoTron364894d ago

Good steal for any Corporation really. HP knows how to design their products; at least that's how I ended up w/ a laptop o.o This is definitely a great move on their part. More competition the better for all of us.

Cernunnos4893d ago

No they don't, HP is a cheap ass company that puts in typical nice parts where people know what to look for, like amount of RAM and processor. But the motherboard, harddrives, dvdroms etc are the lowest and cheapest quality out there, and even if it has lots of RAM, it's still cheap no-brand RAM from China.

I will never buy an HP product ever. Where I work we recieve faulty HP laptops more than any other brand.

RosoTron364893d ago

I definitely agree on you there. The HP laptop i own literally died on me after about 2 years of use, I recently just got it fixed. What I meant however is their sleek design. We all know HP as far as quality sucks hardcore. They don't have any type of longevity whatsoever. At least with Palm's tech, we might finally see a good product overall. Although I'm still reluctant to really get anything that has an HP brand on it because of my own laptop experience.

My mistake for not fully explaining my reasoning /bow.

anh_duong4893d ago

i doubt it will change everything.. palm is a brand still living on past glories doubt hp can restore it to its form ways..

Cernunnos4893d ago

Bubbles to you 12O5OT12O17 for coming back and explaining:)

FragGen4893d ago

Hp should have saved themselves a billion dollars and let Palm fail by themselves rather than paying through the nose for the privilege of helping them die. HP's a solid technology company but far from visionary enough to make up the kind of ground Apple and Android are taking. Heck, it's looking like MS isn't even going to be able to do it in spite of WinMo7 completing and a many years long head start.

mittwaffen4893d ago

Use to work at Best buy and was shown stat sheets on reliability, HP was actually one of the worst brands in the market for reliability. Personally, I wouldnt touch a HP product with a 10 foot pole (unless it was given or extreme deal to buy it)

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jdktech20104893d ago

Everyone is buying either the rights or the company from everyone today

chasegarcia4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

1.I called customer service and people from India answered my call.
2.My hp camera keeps fk up and wont turn on when i really need it.
3.My 21.5" monitor won't come out of sleep mode

I will try to not buy Hp products again. Including Palm.

dkgshiz4893d ago

HP are probably the cheapest quality computers you can buy. They have a lower build quality then Dell.

fezthabest4893d ago

Why is it that anytime i call customer service i always get american people.

mittwaffen4893d ago

dont buy premades, just make your own ;)!

dkgshiz4893d ago

HP is a really terrible company. Their computers have such a cheap feel to them.

ATLGAMER4893d ago

I love them....I dont know about u but my lap top is awesome..

fezthabest4893d ago

I own a HP laptop, and mine is awesome too, had no problems except for heat produced and toshiba's crappy HDD that was in it.


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jjb19811h ago

I saved $40 by not buying this Gar-Baj.