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saint_john_paul_ii4006d ago

oh wow.... its official. Activision killed Infinity Ward.... Now they are going to pay the price.

Chubear4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Pay what price? Oh pls. they're going to give it to another studio to develop and when MW3 launches every single gamer, that called Activision evil and no good, are going to go out and midnight launch MW3 giving Activision even greater sales records than MW2...

.. then they'll come on M4G and other gaming forums and complain about how "aweful" MW3 is without infinity ward.. and then MW4 is announced... and it'll have record pre-orders :P

Gamers are full of crap.

Yeah, Bobby really gives a damn about what computer nerds think as he loses sleep on his multimillion dollar pillows at night. Poor Bobby :(

TreMillz4006d ago

All the great people are off to somewhere or at Respawn now. IW is done. Thank you Activision, thank you. Now these guys can actually put out a real game, with more freedom from EA. Thank you so much. Tony Hawk is dead, Guitar Hero is dead, Spiderman is dead, Call of Duty is about to bleed out.

DamonTheMoney4006d ago

I don't think that gamers are full of crap. The thing is that it's only the the small minority of people that visit N4G and gaming websites to see what's up. I doubt that 80% of the people who bought MW2 even know the difference between a company Activision and Infinity Ward, much less actually care what goes on between them.

so you're right, but your reasons were just a bit off ;)

SuperStrokey11234006d ago

@ Chubear

I dont think so, i wont be getting mw3. The current one is just too buggy and activision has just been to brutal for them to get my dollars. Im sure more people will feel the same way. Plus word will spread about it. Respawn may also have a game out in roughly 2 years as well (assuming they buy an engine and done make one of course) so that may mean a new game there as well.

I simply do not see MW3 doing better than MW2 at this time, sure that may change but as of right now, nope.

Hell i hate them so much i might not buy starcraft too... but probably will lol.

hamoor4006d ago

cod gonna die
just look at guitar hero IS dead already
so why not the same will happen to cod?
guitar hero without harmonix=POS
cod withot IW=POS too

StanLee4006d ago

I would not mind this at all. I think new developers would bring new ideas and a new direction. Let's face it, Modern Warfare 2 is a bit half assed and unpolished.

FragGen4006d ago

I kind of share the same cynical take as Chubear but toned down:

I think COD/Modern Warfare will continue to sell quite well for several years but I'd be willing to bet when it's all said and done from a sales standpoint, it turns out MW2 was the high water mark. I don't think this has SH*T to do with IW, however.

The genre is becoming saturated with stiff competition and like any genre that has had "fad" level success: Rhythm games, virtual pet games, 1v1 fighting games, JRPGs, etc, it necessarily has to peak and then either fall of a cliff (example: text adventures) or level off at a lower long term sustainable level (example: Fighting games).

Exponential growth is simply not practical in the long term and MW2 was about as close to that as you could get.

AKS4006d ago

Short-term, which is how Kotick types tend to think, there won't be a major impact on the CoD/ MW franchise. But long-term, I expect the quality of the next Modern Warfare game to drop significantly. If the quality declines, that is going to eventually harm long-term business quite a bit. I'd actually argue that DICE has already topped IW with BFBC2 already prior to the implosion of IW. If developers like DICE continue to improve their games and CoD games continue to decline, it's clear that's going to be a serious problem for Activision, which is great news. ;)


It would seem so.

what a way to go out....

picture it;

few years back after making WW2 shooter Call of Duty 2, IW propose making a change in direction and going into Modern Shooter theme.

Activision say it's a bad idea, nobody will buy it. IW think it will work. Activsion are so convinced it wont work they have their marketing team trying to find all manner of Data to prove them wrong ( there was an article about this a while back ). Acti give in and they make COD-MW.

COD-MW goes on to be one of the best FPS this gen in both sales and critical award.

Round 2.

Activsion tell IW they will give them unlimited budget to make MW2 the best game ever. IW say we don't need it.

Activision then Increase the RRP in UK and Europe, IW cut server support for PC which lead to outcry by the PC and console community.

MW2 lands, It's the biggest grossing entertainment release ever ( at the time )- as well as the buggiest, glitchfest, broken multiplayer, dumb down noob friendly shooter online, not to mention the short campaign etc...

After making $1 billion for activision, they don't pay the royalties owned to IW, kick out the studio heads whilst also setting up another studio to make more games in the series.

IW guys file a lawsuit, activision file a counter lawsuit... still don't pay any royalties to the rest of the employees. More and more IW staff leave while activision get ready to drive the final nail in the proverbial coffin.


Brewski0074006d ago

Totally agree, its time the franchise got a new dev , and new ideas. The clusterf**k of modern warfare 2 was OK , not bad, not great, just ok for the hype. You phrased it perfectly, it wasnt polished. Others may disagree but its the truth.

Im all about infinity ward getting their entitlements out of this battle but the franchise itself needs new life into it and this might be the opportunity.

lodossrage4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

That was a pretty good summary I must say

FarEastOrient4006d ago

That sucks they broke such an amazing company...

Elven64006d ago

Funny how much people change their tune on N4G. A few months ago everyone was all "down with Infinity Ward" for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 controversy (servers, IW Net, budget, etc), now that they are "going down" everyone is pro Infinity Ward and anti Activision.

Infinity Ward seems to be too valuable of a studio name to shut down, I can see the team being down sized or replaced but shut down all together? Seems like a stretch.

Godmars2904006d ago

Which they'll likely do by shoveling a few scoops of cash from the pile of money they made off MW2 into their legal furnace. Nevermind that it'll likely wind up being more than they own the IW devs, who could have made them another pile of money with MW3.

The logic of the corporate mindset makes me dizzy...

The sad thing is, as much hate Activision has generated towards themselves, with Blizzard and WoW as a crutch, they can afford to be even more douche than currently been witnessed.

And WTF - pets in Wow costs $25?!

Raz4006d ago

Infinity Ward just sank faster than the Titanic. Makes me wonder if they planned it that way - knock off the heads of the studio, let it die then streamline their budget by putting MWIII under two other studios?

I wouldn't put it past 'em. The corporate mindset is almost alien in its iniquity and ruthlessness.

badz1494005d ago

both parties were responsible for the mess which is MW2! I think this will be true because there's no point funding an empty office! but the CoD name lives on to the hands of Treyatch and the other 1 I don't remember and Respawn was founded! let's just hope Respawn make a great game! as for CoD, if I'm Kotick, I'll make it take a break for 2 years or so and come out again with a BANG but I'm not him seeing he's a D1CK!

JonnyBadfinger4005d ago

This is the greatest news in gaming i have ever heard... this site ACTUALLY put up gaming NEWS for a change... omg could N4G be going in a new direction....... nah who am i kidding. Good work to the whoever submitted it.

IW are over-rated and so are their games, but any who time to go play some MW2..... shut up! im not a hypocrite.

Now Treyarch can take the reins and actually make a working CoD game.

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OGharryjoysticks4006d ago

Activision lost the cash cow

Elven64006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Activision still owns the "cash cow", Call of Duty: World at War sold over 12 million copies, unless Call of Duty 6 bombs I don't think they lost the cow.

Senden4006d ago

Lol! So many "analysts" who should learn to "analyse" their common sense before opening their uneducated traps.. Activsion won't close IW.. that would be the height of stupidity.. even if they have to replace ever single employee, just having a game made by a studio called infinity ward will make them money.. Kotik of all people knows this best.

saint_john_paul_ii4006d ago

well, after losing all those devs, i dont consider infinity ward even alive anymore.

you can replace all those devs, but its not the same game that the devs created. so i can see that happening soon.

The_Count4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Thats not the point Pope. You think the General public knows whats happening at Infinity Wars. They don't. And the casual 1 or 2 games a year gamer is the main buyer of the Cof franchise. Hell most of them will think it's made by Activision and the rest will recognise the Infinity Ward logo and say 'I like there last Cod, I'm gonna buy it'

ah ah ah

Raf1k14006d ago

The Count's right. There are still millions of people who don't spend their time keeping up with gaming news like we do. MW3 will still sell like crazy due to the name. It may not get MW2 sales but it'll still do better than most other games could dream of. I think it's after that that people will find out it's not the same and will lose interest in the franchise.

Baka-akaB4006d ago

BUt this is precisely why they might just close IW , by the same logic .
When the general public doesnt care who makes the game , what's the point of preserving appearances by keeping a shell of IW around ?

Hell they didnt even know the difference between treyarch and IW .

Both scenario are plausible , and lead to a new company (with or ithout the iW name) doing MW , and selling quite a lot of games . Hell they'll even try to hype it as a shockingly new and great direction for the serie , so they could lure even a few "hardcore gamers" into the fold .

Elven64006d ago

Pope: When Modern Warfare 2 shipped the company had around 100 people employed, less than 20 have left so far. There are surely some IW vets still at the studio.

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chak_4006d ago

wait, if analyst means patcher then it's nothing right in there.

Excalibur4006d ago

Activision's investors must me going ape$hit at this point.

Let's totally dis-ban the studio that made the highest grossing video game of all time 6 months after the game is released.

JustTheFactsMr4006d ago

Bobby doesn't care. He got his $20 million bonus for destroying a studio.

That's America.

Incompetent execs taking all the money that other people produced.

Hope the jury doubles the damages and awards them a billion.

FragGen4006d ago

FWIW, I own stock in Activision and it's done really well in the last year or so, I've owned it. They recently raised guidance (the map pack did really well for them and has not even hit PS3 yet).

They've got a lot of IP in addition to COD and they are looking at wringing as much $$$ out of all of their IPs as possible. You may not think this is awesome as a gamer but as an investor it makes some sense.

ALSO: Blizzard COMPLETELY rocks and Bobby has enough sense to leave them be.

Really, these dudes are pretty good @ making money. :) That said, I may sell later this year because I think the stock will take a hit over the long term for not valuing their creative talent enough and video games are generally a roller coaster ride of an investment.

Baka-akaB4006d ago

I wouldnt call blizzard suddenly turning battlenet into a pc equivalent of XBL , and them cutting campaign into various pieces to sell , as "Activision leaving blizzard alone" .

It is quite obvious that at last activisions greed permeated blizzard at some level .

BUt yeah i see your point and agree , blizzard will still rocks , and activision will still be rich .

Even if every project and games where to tank , with blizzard games alone , they would still be number one in profits

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