Blizzard Breaks Off Korean eSport Talks

After years of fruitless talks with the Korean e-Sports Players Association, Blizzard has left talks and is now trying to find another partner.

Basically, Blizzard want a piece of the massive monetary cake that is the Korean e-Sports scene, at least in StarCraft II.

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Maticus4192d ago

Wow, I wonder how much of this has to do with having Activision as a business partner now...

Cogo4192d ago

Well, the Korean eSport Association has basically been using Blizzard's IP for a decade, earning craploads of money from it, I can understand they want in, or at the VERY LEAST be in on SC2, which they seem to be trying to stop even getting approved in the country for teens.

King Klear4192d ago

Yeah... I think Blizzard is completely justified in this.

Leord4192d ago

I agree with you, but you COULD see it as basketball. I mean whoever invented basketball don;t take royalties for people playing it or starting independant cups or leagues for it.

How to interpret what is going on is more complex than might meet the eye originally, especially for people with a different cultural moral compass.

Not saying it's wrong or right, just different way to view it.

Djorgo4192d ago

God I hate Activision!

Baka-akaB4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

But they would get royalties from it , if Basketball was an actual ip owned product , that that's as far far the anaology could go .

Someone mentioned activision's involvement in it , doubt it a little , since the talks have been going on years before the vivendi activision merger .

Leathersoup4192d ago

The thing is that although Blizzard owns the rights to the game, if people want to create an official competition, Blizzard can't tell them not to.

Blizzard may just find that their darling gets lost along the wayside. It's not like they're the only RTS in town.

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Dorjan4192d ago

I wonder what the Korean players think of all this?

Leord4192d ago

Yeah, me too.

I mean, it doesn't really matter to them, they will have eSport anyway.

But if they support blizzard or not is the question...

thetamer4192d ago

Ooh, that's going ot be nasty. Blizzard are taking on a whole culture...

Cogo4192d ago

KeSPA isn't their culture. SC is. SC is made by Blizzard.

Blizzard just want to be part of broadcasting what is already there, or get a foot in with SC2, broadcasting that.

theCHUNK4192d ago

Well, maybe they just feel some new partner that is willing to deal is better than an old partner who isn't. Since no progress was being made anyhow, what's the harm in looking somewhere else?

UIOP4192d ago

If you can make money --> make money

The only problem is that they already make so much money, so squeezing out more and more makes them look really greedy.

rexus123454192d ago

Who are you talking about? I think blizzard deserves to make more money since they did such a good job creating the game

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The story is too old to be commented.