Aussie & Kiwi StarCraft Fans Limited To Asia

It has been known for some time that StarCraft II will be region locked for online play. European and North American friends will not be able to play with each other, following the WoW model. The reason for this is to keep latency down, one of the problems with the original

Australian and New Zealand gamers will not be able to play with other English speaking fans.

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thetamer4191d ago

This is hilarious. Can you imagine the Australians and New Zealanders playing together?! No way!

Leord4191d ago

In my roleplaying group, one member is Aussie, another has a NZ girlfirend. It's good fun with the banter.

chewy3174191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Majority of Singapore's population is english-speaking, plus we do have a sizable gaming population and cant aussies and kiwis play together?
Trust me there is a sizable gaming population in South east asia and australia.

Maticus4191d ago

Surely there will be enough of them to play together though?

Leord4191d ago

Yes, well, together with Thailand, Singapore etc, they will have enough for matchmaking.

The issue is more on teh social side and their PREFERENCES of WHO to play with.

King Klear4191d ago

When they choose quick play, they may easily get a korean who will kick thei ass =)

King Klear4191d ago

I though this was only limitation of the beta... hopefully inwith full release there will be some way to make intercontinental matches.

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The story is too old to be commented.