Activision boss quits

CEO and president of Activision Publishing, Mike Griffith, has resigned from both positions.

Griffith will, however, continue to serve as vice chairman of Activision Blizzard, which will see him take an active part in board and internal strategy meetings.

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young juice3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

mw2 made him rich and he bailed.

you could say he pulled a dave chappelle.


lol... maybe he didnt want to take responsibility for the fall of activision.

yeah i wish dave stayed too. but if he did, people would start talking about how lame dave is now. and how funny it used to be. sorta like family guy.

cryymoar3758d ago

Hopefully just a restructure.
However, I want Blizzard on their own.
I will refuse to buy SC2 if I have to start paying for bnet.

dc13758d ago

Lol....why pull Dave Chappelle in this mess man. the way.. Dave's pockets would have been thicker if he stayed.

thereapersson3758d ago

The world would be a better place.

Hill_billy3758d ago

Hardly. Him quitting is like seeing the CEO of Engineering at Ford Motor Company quit. It does nothing more than force a small restructure that will take place within 30 days. Now, if Bobby Kotick were to quit, then you could see some changes take place but this guy just resigned his working position, not his status as Vice Chairmen on the board of Activisions share holders.

TreMillz3758d ago

I almost jumped but then I saw it wasn't Kotic XD

MerkinMax3758d ago

Activision "is slowly collapsing, like a flan in a cupboard."

Miraak82 3758d ago

What Goes up Must Come Down .....

DarkSpawnClone3758d ago

awww was hoping it was Bobby Kotick

Ocelot5253758d ago

isn't it ironic that today it's 65 years ago that hitler commited suicide in his bunker?

history repeats itself

James Curse3758d ago

I find it more ironic that somehow you are 2 days ahead in the future than the rest of the world. He took his life on April 30th. I know because we celebrate that poor dumb bastards death every year.

vhero3758d ago

How can you quit a company and still work for the company?? Stupid really..

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galgor3758d ago

Come on Kotick.. time to hand in your resignation.

mushroomwig3758d ago

That's what I'm hoping for.

renegade3758d ago

I hope so! He will be next!!

Neo Nugget3757d ago

I saw "Activision" and "quits", so I immediately thought it was him, but alas......

ballsofsteel3758d ago

damn i got so happy thinking it was kotic

Nitrowolf23758d ago

yeah as soon as i saw the headline i thought Kotick and was like yes

Perkel3758d ago


same as me.

adlt3758d ago

Damn my activision stocks in a simulation :( haha

Colonel-Killzone3758d ago

LMFAO! Run out of the hell hole before you get caught in the destruction.

Quadrix3758d ago

Bailed before he could reap the consequences of Activision's stupidity.

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