No demo for Assasins Creed

One of the most anticipated demo to be downloaded by the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network will not get released because Ubisoft rep informed that the company has "no plans" of releasing a demo for the game.

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DADO4306d ago

That is because the E3 demo sucked and they are afraid that gamers will turn their back on them.

marinelife94306d ago

They better spend their time debugging the heck out of the game instead of making a demo

dantesparda4306d ago

I never even cared about this game, but now thanks to everybody being stupid and complaining about some stupid little bug, where the guy was stuck floating in the air, we are not gonna get a demo, because they are now too afraid of looking bad/any worst than they already do, because this bug. Stupid! thanks people, thanks for no demo

Morbius4204306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

This is a game in progress and is many months away from the final build yet people are bashing it left and right. I wouldn't be suprised if e3 got even smaller because it might come to a point when nobody will want to show anything in fear of creating a negitive buzz before a game even has a chance to shine. If this happens we will only have ourselves to blame.

Yes there are some problems with the game as of right now but I don't think many people thought about its potential to be a truly amazing game. We just let bullsh!t cloud our vision.

I'm looking foward to this game and I think it will be amazing when it's finally released.

i Shank u4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

still got faith that this game will be pwnage. the guys got a frickin blade in his arm, and the games made by the prince of persia team, imagining an asassin version of PoP is awesome. its just a demo still and theyve got time to iron out the bugs.

still its funny how they let a buggy demo be shown, its not like it was a suprise showing they learned about 2 weeks before, this is E3 motha f!ckas!!

Pain704305d ago

how many people would have bought Finest Hour if they didn't see the demo? i was thinking about that game until i played it!!! if they have something to hide, makes me think something might not be going to plan. hope this isn't the case. looks pretty cool.

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Dlacy13g4306d ago

They did have a better showing during the G4TV live demo...but the MS one had a lasting taste in the mouth of still has work to be done. I wasn't turned off to the game...but a buggy demo on LIVE certainly could be damaging.

So...probably a smart move on their part.

rosko4864306d ago

The G4TV demo looked better because they skipped the jump into the hay, so you didn't see the window problems, and they completely bypassed the guy who was floating in mid air when he died. I'm not ripping on the game since I plan on buying it myself, I just find it a little funny that they didn't show any of the stuff that actually glitched in the first video.

NewScratch4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

i hear theres a really crazy secretive subtext and i bet a demo would spoil it.

even though the e3 ms play was lacking (and actually surprised me as i expected much more by this time) i'm still VERY excited for this game. that main character (do we know his name yet?) looks like a badass to the Nth degree. anyone see that sweet taxi driver dagger/blade thing that comes from his sleeve? holy crap yes!

however, i need to see more smoothness before pre-ordering which before yesterday was pretty much a definite. for me AC might be a day of release purchase at the earliest now.

rosko4864306d ago

His name is Altair, his ring finger was actually cut off in order to make room for the blade to actually take the place of the finger.

Also regarding the secretive subtext, they said a while ago that what you did during the time of the crusades had implications that led all the way up to present time.

NewScratch4306d ago


thanks for the info, plus for you my friend.

Morbius4204306d ago

I think the dagger thing was from Marathon Man and not Taxi Driver.

Scions Wrath4306d ago

So lets hope they can sort the problems out before even thinking about a playable demo - how long until its released!?

candystop4306d ago

Actually none of the conferences were all that great but Nintendo pretty much had the best things to say! Sony had Killzone 2 which honestly didn't blow me away but did look good and MS Had Halo3 which looked epic along with Mass Effects and COD4 which looked really really good! I'm still waiting to see a game that makes me go dam like the 1st time they showcased Halflife2 at E3!

vitord14306d ago

yeah because da game sux no demo so no original for me :)

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