DigitalSomething Review: System Flaw

Jeremy from DigitalSomething writes in his review: "System Flaw is a game that makes use of the outside camera on the DSi to provide the backdrop for the game. You see, there is an alien race know as the Flaw, and they can not be seen by human eyes. Luckily, you are equipped with the latest technology in order to fight them off. Now, the gimmick to this game is that whatever the camera sees is the background for the game. The sprites of the Flaw are then overlaid on top of the real world images. It doesn't matter if you are somewhere with a lot of objects that the Flaw could potentially go behind, because that just doesn't happen. I know that most of you are thinking that it sounds like a completely lame gimmick, but there is also a secondary function to the camera use."

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vgn244161d ago

Actually a pretty fun little game. I like the use of the camera. It's a little repetitive, but certainly innovative.