Heavenly Sword - E3 2007 Show Floor Gameplay Videos

A high-wire spectacle kicks off this adventure showing what kind of scale to expect from the action.

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DADO4300d ago

In my country people would say" NICE NICE".
Cant wait for the game.

BS682804300d ago

Did anyone get the HS video from the PSN store. Go to the psp/ps3 games and it is on the last page there. I haven't seen anyone say anything about it and it is pretty awsome.

Bordel_19004300d ago

This is the game I look the most forward to, check out the HD videos on GT, simply the best graphics in real time cut-scenes ever.

Narikos sister is a wierd one, worms... yummy ;)

Watkins4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

omfg, nice facial expression and superb graphics (not that they're totally ingame (?!)). Can't wait to put this one into my Ps3

Bordel_19004300d ago

Everything in Heavenly Sword is real-time, the cut-scenes are not pre-rendered, cut-scenes are scripted and non-playable though.

Watkins4300d ago

Wow. I also like the dialogue she's keeping with her sister. Really, really nice


Good game

Some nice combat

Scions Wrath4300d ago

And its ALL in real time.

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The story is too old to be commented.