Halo 2 lives on with the help of 14 gamers

Don Reisinger of CNET writes:

"When Microsoft finally discontinued Xbox Live support for Halo 2 on April 15, it was the end of an era. Gamers from around the world who spent inordinate amounts of time fragging each other in Halo 2's many levels were forced to say goodbye.

However, as most left for newer alternatives, some refused to let go just yet."

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Bnet3435135d ago

I bet they are just looking for a prize out of this from Bungie or Microsoft.

"Hey they lasted a long time and refused to let go, let's reward them with swag"

I bet that's the reason why they won't let go. 12 days is crazy though.

darthv725135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

bungie (not MS) would prob give them something for their dedication. I wouldnt mind early copies of the reach full game. I am thinking bungie may be taking bets on who is the last man standing. Give them some kind of master chief trophy..that would be really cool.

thereapersson5135d ago

"But don't think that they're doing this for accolades or prizes. According to Campbell, he and the rest of the gamers continue to play Bungie's classic "not for competition, not for a prize, but for the love, and memory of Halo 2."

Hideo_Kojima5135d ago

I could imagine that if PSN shut down in 5-10 years I would certainly jump into a classic like uncharted 2 or kz2(or a game that is not out yet) and leave my ps3 on until i am forced out.

Wasn't Halo 2 P2P?

So Xbox live just did the matchmaking part of the networking.
Therefore they are not using Xbox Live servers at all anymore.
I doubt MS even cares or that they can stop them since it is all P2P from now on for them.

vhero5134d ago

You could play online using a modded console if you liked using other methods. There are ways..

DirtyLary5134d ago

I call BS. I bet everyone of these guys hasn't played H2 in years. They jumped on for the death of xbox and want the attention of being last and hope to get something out of it. Love of the game, right.

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tunaks15135d ago

good lord 12 days? That can't be good

Brewski0075135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

Hahah 12 days playing halo 2, thats dedication!. They're gonna be wrecked from it lol. Im sure once reach catches on in the beta stage soon they'll just say screw it :)

PshycoNinja5135d ago

Some people have a hard time moving on huh?

Parapraxis5135d ago

This is pretty cool if you ask me.