Nintendo Is Star of E3 Show as Rivals Scramble to Catch Up

Santa Monica, Calif. July 11-- For many analyst and fans Nintendo was something off an afterthought at the video game industry's annual E3 trade show in recent years.

But after a blockbuster launch of its Wii console and its ongoing dominance in the portable game market with its mobile DS handheld console, the company that brought the world Mario and Zelda is now the company that others are trying to catch.

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FordGTGuy4304d ago

had the worst press conference neither Sony nor Microsoft need to catch up to Nintendo.

anh_duong4304d ago

i agree, great if you are a casual gamer or a granny who has never experienced gaming before..


more bubbles would be appreciated

Silverwolf4304d ago

but this is what happens when some old fart writer who hasn't had anything long and hard in his hands in years without taking pills and knows nothing about games. Let's his personal opinion take over...

Marceles4304d ago

The star? Ha yeah right...if your name is Richard Simmons

likeaboss3024304d ago

Nintendo hands check to Washingtonpost.

Seriously I think Sony stole the show. Nintendo is turning into a lame minigame machine. That's cool and all but I'm starting to regret buying a Wii now. The games get old quick because there is no depth to them outside of Zelda which is just a Gamecube port anyways.

Torch4304d ago

Understatement indeed, my friend!

Kleptic4304d ago

I totally agree...

Nintendo's "a small amount of the day towards video games" is helping to create stuff that is cool for about 10 minutes...Wiisports is still the only thing on that machine that I have had any fun with for more than a half hour...

and the games are ONLY fun with other people...That is great for families...

I still prefer games to be pushed visually, as well as gameplay wise...Nintendos motion cotrol stuff is innovative...but doesn't have industry wide appeal...there are simply certain types of games that do not need that...and if the industry keeps shifting attention to this Wii thing...there are types of games that simply won't be around anymore, or at least won't get the development attention and money to make them the best possible...

Retro-Virus4304d ago

Nintendo lost all my respect when they stabbed SONY in the back 12 years ago at E-3. Since then, they've just been hanging in there.

Wii sells like hotcakes but I would anyday have a 360/PS-3 over a WII.

Kleptic4304d ago

well yeah...but until now Sony had been sticking it to them big time after that crap shoot...I think thats water under the bridge for both of them...Sony doesn't care, because they ended up getting involved with a way more successfull business endeavor...Nintendo probably did care until the Wii released...

neither company even cares about what each other are doing...Sony doesn't look at Nintendo as competetion and vice versa...but if this wii craze grows to the point where the PS4 and 720 is a cheap box of old stuff with better than the sixaxis motion controller, and my mom can't stop saying how cool and fun it is...I am not playing video games anymore...

call me old fashioned I guess...but without games like Gears, Resistance, KZ2, MGS4, GTAIV, FFXIII...I wouldn't even be interested in this generation of games...these are the games that my money will always go towards...and new technology and powerfull computing power are the only thing that will push these games to be better and better years to can't just tak on some motion controls and ride it out for 5-6 years...that reverse of what the industry has been doing for the last 30 years...its great for a year or so...but I really can't see any lasting appeal to it, at least imo...

tosh614304d ago

are you kidding me? sony had the best conference this year and i didn't see microsoft's, but nintendo's wasn't very lively. even all the g4 announcers especially this great critique guy at g4, adam sessler, who is usually favoring microsoft and nintendo even said that sony had the best this year and was very surprised.

Torch4304d ago

Damn!...I must've tuned into the wrong show!

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The story is too old to be commented.