Alan Wake Looks To Be A Perfect Game

Alan Wake looks to be a perfect game. I know what some of you are going to say, so I will get it out there first.

"How in the heck do you know that Arc, are you freaking Nostradamus or something? You have not even played the game…[email protected]!" Okay now that you have that out of you system, let me explain why I would say such a thing.

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La Chance4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Perfect games dont exist. But some come close to perfection.

This seems to be one of them.

Only 2 more weeks before I can pop it into my 360.

nightfallinicedearth4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Come on man let's be a little realistic here, it doesn't look even close to being a perfect game. I don't see any replay value in this at all. Even the map is a big waste of nothing, it looks boring.

Tony P4069d ago

No game is good until you play it, let alone "perfect".

At the end of the day, all that really matters is how well the game does what it set out to do. And you can't know that till you play it.

But I will say AW seems to have had the funding and time to become the best translation of the dev's intent.

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Arnon4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Well Greywulf, if you knew that the resolution of a game is not indicative of it's overall technical beauty, then you wouldn't be saying such things. We've all seen Alan Wake gameplay. The game is gorgeous, and it's cutscenes are even better. That's something you cant spin.

By the way, Uncharted 2 was baby rated... err, rated T. I know you don't play it, as it's obviously a horrible game because of this rating, right? Nice edit there by the way, taking out "baby rated err... Rated Teen."

Would you like to cry moar? You only have 18 minutes to say anything else. Better hurry.

corneliuscrust4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I love how you describe it as "sub [insert ps3 game here] resolution"

I mean it CANT be good if it has a lower resolution than a PS3 title, amirite?!?! I'm sure remedy is off crying somewhere because their game can't match the resolution of another game... WAIT none of those ps3 games have anywhere NEAR as high a resolution as PC games can pull on a good rig...Yet those ps3 games STILL look incredible... now we are in a pickle, aren't we

The end product will speak for itself. For better or for worse.

Good games are good games.

IdleLeeSiuLung4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Greywul only stares at grahics all day long, he doesn't play them. That is why he bought a PC and doesn't play on his PS3 that has sub-par graphics compared to his PC!

That also explains why he is in a 360 article trolling!

Personally, I play the game not the graphics!!! Any other gamers that only play graphics, besides greywul?

Rock Bottom4069d ago

How in the heck do you know that Arc, are you freaking Nostradamus or something? You have not even played the game…[email protected]!

Hallmark Moment4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

>Greywulf< is angry Alan Wake sets new visual standards on consoles. Using every trick in the book in the fanboy play book to no avail. I think he is >quaz51<

Alan Wake Korean game play

You will hear what I say in the reviews from reviewers not afraid of handing the crown back over to the 360 because of backlash.

Corepred44069d ago

hallmark your something. no doubt blind but more than that. yes this game seems to be looking really good but is not setting visual standards on consoles, don't be retarded. Graphics crown? Really, lmao. I didn't think the 360 was even in the running anymore with the games ps3 is putting out on a regular basis now. Yeah it'll look good, but don't go overboard.

DelbertGrady4069d ago

Alan Wake is perfect. FACT!(undisputable)

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darthv724068d ago

to strive for perfection IS the flaw. Nothing is truly perfect except...the word "perfect"

mittwaffen4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

360 seems to have my genre's games all this year- badass system might be a little junky but the games sure as hell make it up, oh and live/XBLA ;)!

PoSTedUP4068d ago

MGS4 is the most perfect game imo. so big, so much to do, so many guns, so epic. Mr. Kojima is the most brilliant man when it comes game development. (not my favorite developer though) but it is the truth as far as i know.

alan wake a perfect game? who knows, it hasn't released yet i don't think.

DaTruth4068d ago

I don't know if it's perfect, but I want it! I have a birthday coming and maybe a 360, AW and Tenchu Z(one of my fave series) will do that fine.

Don't really need another console, but looks like I won't have a choice if I want to play these games!

It looks like the ball is in Sony's court to give me too many reasons(lots of games I want) to not get a 360. They haven't announced a fall lineup yet... Oh wait... 3DTV's and GT5 with 3D. Oh well!

BYE4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4
Super Street Fighter 4
Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2

Tough competition for Alan...

Hallmark Moment4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

HUH!? LOL Why would those games be competition for Alan Wake?

Biggest4068d ago

"HUH!? LOL Why would Alan Wake be competition for those games?"

That is a valid question, Hallmark.

PlainOldGamer4068d ago

Silent Hill Ripoff Makes Perfect Game Does Not.

Consoldtobots4068d ago

it's obvious 360 fanboys won't shut up until they hear:

"Alan Wake is da bestezttt game evarrrrr"
"It's graphics are unparalleled"
"360 wins"

lets face it these kids have been writhing in pain at the ownage the PS3 has delivered and just want a bone thrown at them.

here fetch.

Traveler4068d ago

If you think Alan Wake is a Silent Hill ripoff you are an ignorant moron and don't deserve to play games.

Alan Wake looks like one of the freshest experiences to come along for some time.

vhero4068d ago

Wow this topic really shows who the 360 fanboys are and who are the ps3 fanboys doesnt it?? The obvious 360 fanboys are those who already say its perfect (soda etc..) and those who claim its gonna be the new graphics king without any REAL set of reviews (not 1 or 2) and the ps3 fanboys are those who wont shut up banging on about 540p.

Honestly though how the heck did this get approved?? (nm I get it 360 fanboys approved it) it ones guys opinion on a game and he's a nobody too... He hasn't played the game nor has he reviewed it. Pointless article that does nothing but cause flaimbait.

corneliuscrust4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Same reason this got approved

too many depraved fankids here on n4g x however many multiple accounts = big pssing contest

both sides are just brutal to eachother.

I hope next generation changes and people stop this madness

Army_of_Darkness4068d ago

"to strive for perfection IS the flaw. Nothing is truly perfect except...the word "perfect"

Lucky Pinder is Perfect.

Christopher4068d ago

Anyone calling any game perfect before they've even played it is an idiot, let alone before the reviews are out.

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DevilsJoker4069d ago

No. No. No. It'll be good enough to warrant a purchase, no doubt. But it won't be perfect, what a silly thing to say.

Old School Gamer14069d ago

usually games i buy for the full 60 are goty type games, ex: gow3, mass effect 2, uncharted 2.ON TOPIC:seriously no game is perfect.

AnttiApina4069d ago

Oh boy, I knew this would be here on N4G in no time.

Adds some more gasoline to the war.

Inside_out4069d ago

...but, but it's dark...why is it so come they don't walk around looking blind like our glorified (the sims) heavy rain... hold it, my custom pixel counter 2000 tells me it's a bad game...Why doesn't Alan Wake run around naked with a thong , wearing bear heads on his hands and fight 1600ft monsters, this doesn't seem can't buy a flashlight like that in a store, I looked...I lived in Alaska, this doesn't look like Alaska...Why does Alan look like Indiana Drake....See that TV antenna, magnify it 500%, get close to the screen, cover one eye and hop up and down, see, it's doesn't look the best...I'm gonna borrow my friends 360 to play this, but I'm sure it's no good....Alan Wake has to much atmosphere and story...needs more cinematics and RTE's and less game play like UC2, GOW3 and MGS, see, PS3 wins again....My game has 256 people on line, what's that, A mic, communication is over rated.....and my favorite....Alan wouldn't need a flashlight if he had a PS3 move glowing dildo to show him the way....DUH....

Alan Amazing...May 18...Alan Awakes in a store near you...cheers...

rezzah4069d ago

What is perfect gaming? For me it'd be those games that are known as a masterpeice, or that excel in that gaming genre. EXample of masterpeice is SOTC, and a game that excels in its genre is UC2 and only the first HALO.

BeaArthur4069d ago

No game is perfect. Although I will rarely come across a game that I have absolutely no complaints about there is no perfect game. Something could always be improved.

Fishy Fingers4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I guess the only way to get close to perfection is to have a game built for you, cater to what you like, remove what you dont, but even then unless you created said game yourself, your vision will always be 'tainted'.

Still, like with anything designed to sell or be successful, you need to tick the right boxes and hope the majority of it appeals to your respective audience. I think Alan Wake will do that, and thats all that matters.

The games I consider as close to perfection as gaming goes would be HL2 (single player) and CS:S (multiplayer) and I can still pick plenty of faults in each of those, and do so without being defensive I might add.

Meryl4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

a video i watched showed me how blurry this game was in movement, and the acting was horrible, it's not perfect...

3sq4068d ago

and yet the so-called perfect game's running at 540p, LMAO.