Unreal Tournament 3 First PS3 Hands-On

Gamespot reports:
"This first-person shooter appears to be running quite well on the PlayStation 3, with plenty of graphical detail from top to bottom, all running at a good, firm frame rate. The demo station we saw was running a standard deathmatch against bots, allowing us to get a good feel for the controls. R1 and L1 handle your primary and alternate fire. R2 is used for dodging, something that required you to double tap the movement keys on the PC. Epic's Jeff Morris, who was on hand to talk about the game, commented that he's been dodging much more frequently on the PS3 due to this easy-to-use controller mapping. "

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tehcellownu4302d ago

Aside from the PS3 version looking to be on par with the PC version, the other key thing to know is that the PS3 version of the game will have support for mods and other user-created content, in a way that sounds like it will be a first for consoles.


LSDARBY4302d ago

lol someone disagreed, i'll give u a bubble.

THE_JUDGE4302d ago

I played UT 2:Liandra Conflict (or something like that) on the Xbox, it was absolute garbage comapared to the first game imo.

MetalProxy4302d ago

This game is looking very good, and will be out this year I beleive. At least it comes out for the PS3 first. Why bother putting it out on the 360 when they get Halo anyways.

ip-student4302d ago

I think that part of the reason for the delay is Halo - hard to compete with Halo hype (we will find out if it is justified) so might as well delay the game and avoid the crush of good FPS on the XBOX 360 this fall.

But I read the interview and laughed - no way the PS3 is going to match a PC with the latest graphics cards. Absolutely silly. The XBOX 360 has a better GPU and it cannot match the latest cards - PC gamers are always going to have better graphics because they spend the money to get them. However, it may be that on a 720p display the additional graphics are wasted.

lVlemphizStylez4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

I just wanted to point out...That most ppl focus on the GPU of the PS3...But completely ignore the fact that the Cell works with the GPU and the Cell itself can render graphics...But I guess that counts for nothing. You know the ENGINEERS that built the thing might know a little more than you...(Before you start I have a BS in Engineering, so don't throw words and concepts at me that you yourself cannot defend in detail)

ip-student4302d ago

Sure - the PS3 is flexible in that regard. But it doesn't matter - the CPU and GPU of the PS3 cannot match top of the line GPUs in the PC - bandwidth just isn't there. Not even close.

I am a huge fan of consoles and think they will mostly replace PC's in the next 5-7 years but reality is reality.

And your BS in engineering is appreciated but does not impress - I have one and have thoroughly studied the topic - I am trying to figure out if the next round of consoles will have ray-tracing and whether it will be worth it to spend the computation resources to save on the programming.

SofaKingReetodded4302d ago

this game being practically finished for the 3FIXME and that it was running like crap on the PS3??

xbots are some of the most delusional people on the planet.

when you start believing your own BS, it's time to see a professional.