Unreal Tournament 3 - New Images

Check out the 14 new images of Unreal Tournament 3 straight from E3 2007.

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Crazyglues4301d ago

I can't believe the power of that Unreal engine that they used to make Gears of War is amazing, this games trailer really blew me away.

And this stills are just breath-taking. I hope they do a story to go with the game, even though Unreal has never really been a story type of game.

rubarb234301d ago

just crazy! the best part, it will only get better. will our eyes be able to handle those graphics without having them pop out of our heads?

Scions Wrath4301d ago

I'm getting this for PS3 i cant wait! I still can't believe it comes out in november! Looks better than Gears of War!

sajj3164301d ago


And these I assume are off of PS3 hardware? It could be PC shots.

Tabasco4301d ago

They are From the PS3 trailer.

IBLEEDBLU4301d ago

that sticks it to MS fangirls gears of war ahhahahaha

gears looks good but its small with nothing on screen - reason y it looks good on the 360 - and blind xbots dont want to just admit it...but its clear now that gears is nothing anymore...with all these games and pre-alpha KZ2 shalacking and i mean SHA-FUKEN-LACKING everything at E3 - its only a matter of time u 360 owners sell ur tin can 360 and get a PS3

sony simply is the greatest console out there and will remain king of consoles once again

EDF 20174301d ago

When I can get it on th 360 in 2008 and it will look better than the PS3 version? I know it will UE3 loves the 360, so It will not only run better but look better as well, better textures on the 360 version.

Vip3r4301d ago

I still can't believe how good this game looks.

IdontTakeSides4301d ago

IM definetly getting this game...just hope the Single player/onine as good as the graphics....