Nier selling above Square Enix's expectations in Japan

Nier Replicant and Nier Gestalt are apparently selling above Square Enix's expectations as the games are becoming hard to find in Japan.

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GrieverSoul4716d ago

Im still on the fence for this game. I dont know but it doesnt appeal to me. These are the same guys who did Drakengard and boy did that game suck. Nier in Europe seems to be a washed version from one of those of Japan. Replicant is a X360 "exclusive" and Gestalt is a PS3 "exclusive" both in Japan right? Which version is the one for us?!

koehler834716d ago

Replicant is PS3 and Gestalt is 360. Gestalt (big, beefy dude) is the only one outside of Japan.

MetalFreakMike4716d ago

I agree with you GrieverSoul. Drakengard sucked bad and if this game is anything like it then I do not see it selling very well outside of Japan. I really been thinking about getting this game but the screen shots and the videos really do not sway me to really want to buy it. I might wait until they sell it for 30 then buy it.

Chris3994716d ago (Edited 4716d ago )

It had relatively high production values, lavish cut-scenes, infinite re-playability, upgradeable weapons, hidden stages, hidden characters and a story-line that changed with multiple play-throughs. There were several endings to it as well.

In terms of "value" the game was great, and I picked it up used for like $20 back in the day. The sequel was much the same.

If Nier is anything like Drakengard, it should be brilliant (and it sounds like they've kept the re-playability high with hidden scenes and whatnot). I have my copy on it's way from Amazon as we speak.

It is a shame that we got the steroid user hero though, I would have preferred the brother/ sister dynamic more than the angry, gruff father thing.

It's also a shame that this game will probably bomb in NA, reviews so far have been positive.

Smkt4715d ago

I'm playing Gestalt and loving it (other jrpgs i liked this gen were Vesperia and lost odyssey).. i would recommend it to anyone..

i like:
>the story..
>the dialogue... no one is batsh!t retarded..
>different gameplay.. 2d platformer, isometric, resident evil fixed camera.. hell even reading stuff and answering riddles..
>replay value.. you need to play it 3 or 4 times to get everything
>art style.. sorrta has this SotC thing going on

i dislike:
>not much variety in locations
>graphics are like ps2/this gen launch titles..
>most of the side missions are fetch quests

seriously.. if you can overlook the graphics and the ugly he-man protagonist.. then you will really enjoy this game..

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97gsx4716d ago

A square-enix game soldout on the ps3? In japan? What a shock!!! Idiots....

Dylantalon14716d ago

@ 97 GSX

are you boosting?

97gsx4716d ago

Boosting as in turbos? or boasting? If you mean boosting yes if you mean boasting no. I have a 97 eclipse gsx, 91 rx7 turbo and a c6 vette. Had my gsx since highschool in 2000.

SpoonyRedMage4716d ago

Hmm, weird. estimations have the game at around 64K in Japan. SE must have really underestimated it.

In other news it's completely bombed in the UK, it didn't even enter the top 40.

Chris3994716d ago (Edited 4716d ago )

when the only people likely to buy such a niche title are Otakus and Japanophiles.

Hardly the Halo generation demographic looking for the latest Rollback on FPSes at the local Walmart. This isn't going to be a cult hit like Demon's Souls either, it'll be a weird title that goes out of print in like 3 months and sits in the bargain bin.

SE totally fvcked the pooch on this one.

More on your original point, I agree that SE must have had some pretty LOW expectations for this game if 64K is seen as a "success" in what is likely to be the most successful market for this game.

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