DiRT for PS3 to look and run better

According to CodeMasters, DiRT for PS3 is more complete on the PS3, demo coming soon. check out the Video.

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FordGTGuy5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

I hope it looks better and runs better. Give any game developer over a couple more months to polish a game and this will happen. This is saying nothing to the difference of the Xbox 360 or PS3.

More Time = More Polishing

It doesn't take a rocket scientist

Snake_Doctor5920d ago

PS3 had been getting some jacked up ports in the past. I just hope it continues to get some pluses just like VF did for 360. I think it makes sense to improve a game after it releases late for a console as it would improve sales.

hazeblaze5920d ago

Actually most of the games that have arrived later on the PS3 suffered in quality with the exception of Oblivion & most recently R6V. Hearing that the framerate is improved for the PS3 version is the main plus in this case.

kevoncox5920d ago

Saying RB6 look sbetter on PS3. It doesn't. I have played both.

genericname5920d ago

RB6 looks the same on the PS3 as the 360 when played at 720P. 1080i on the PS3 looks bad, even the text is blurry. But in 720p the text and graphics are very clear.

Edwin19895920d ago

Because it had more devtime, which is good

Those ugly blureffects (or "bloom-effects") on the 360 were removed (though the 1080i wil bring the blur back:D) which is a big plus

If DiRT wasn't looking better on PS3 despite the extra devtime I would never buy any game from Codemasters again...

jromao5920d ago (Edited 5920d ago )

Try to read some game engine book to know how it work before writing about it. PS3's is better and newer technology. Will not only be better on DIRT, lot others already are and soon you will get more reasons to trash your 360. Don't cry.

Also Known As5919d ago

it doesnt matter anyways, sega is the only 3rd party developer that knows how to make kick @ss graphics on any system. Codemasters has always made sh1tty graphics on the xbox systems. they suck

SlappyMcTaint5919d ago

Added dev time is always a plus, but if you watched the video, he states that things like uncompressed 7.1 surround sound were ONLY ACHIEVABLE on the PS3 -the 360 can't produce high-quality surround sound like that. Get used to it, within a year, the 360 will be getting the ports and all the best editions of games will be coming out on PS3.

MikeMichaels5919d ago

...the best bit of information in that video. They have support for the G35 as well as the Driving Force Pro & Pro 2 steering wheels.


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felidae5920d ago

good to hear all this positive stuff about ps3 these days.

everything will be fine so we all can be friends .. 360 and ps3 .. and Wii.

SIX5920d ago

But you gotta admit. Some of you 360 guys do it to yourselves.

razer5920d ago

Just as the PS3 folks do... Seems like the only decent ones on this site are the Wii people.. haha

weekapaugh5920d ago

the 360 is in a complete tailspin right now. every minute theres like more bad news.