Xbox 360 Tops T3 Console Poll and iPod gets Best MP3!

Microsofts bright white Xbox 360 has been voted the best games console in T3. It had to brush of competiton from the DS Lite and PSP in a poll featuring over 5,000 voters.

Other polls in the magazine included -
Best MP3: Apple iPod 30GB
Best Mobile: Sony Ericsson W810i
Best HD Device: Sky HD
Best Portable Video: Archos AV500
Best Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Best PDA: Blackberry 8700G
Best Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro
Best Boy's Toy: Zero Gravity Wall Climber
Best Sat Nav: TomTom Go 910

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T-Rac5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

Link should be fine now...

Sphinx5404d ago

"Just wait until the PS3 comes out!" :) I'm just messing... of course the 360 is the best right now! It is the only next-gen console! I am looking forward to the Wii, and seeing what the PS3 does.

specialguest5404d ago

it's not a surprise that Xbox360 is on top. they got a good momentum going right now with no competition at the moment. we'll just have to see what happens next after this Christmas. im pretty confident they'll continue to lead for a good 1yr and a half.

Jay da 2KBalla5404d ago

I'm thinking more of a good 3-4 more years

xXbebofisherXx5404d ago

i paid nothing for my 360 a GI gave it to me since he was leaving to iraq told me to "take good care of it" lol. but still as long as they get their gaming library in check itll be an unstopable force. there has only been one game that has wowed me and that was oblivion. every other game was like ok this was good or ok. but with the notable releases of GOW, Mass effect, bioshock, too human, huxley, etc. the xbox 360 collection is looking to be a promising one for us. the better the game, the longer the franchise, the longer the console last. and with sony losing alot of its 1st party exclusive support to microsoft (easier dev support.) PS3 is in a world of hurt. personally i wanna see the Wii come out on top. nintendo deserves it. and the Wii is looking like a mean mofo too.

zypher5404d ago

not much competition for the 360 so OBVIOUSLY they should've been voted the best. nevertheless its good to hear. congrats.

Sphinx5404d ago

There isn't any REAL competition right now... I can't wait to see MS, Sony, and Nintendo battle it out!

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