Square Enix reveals new Extreme Edges label

This week's Dengeki issue revealed that Square Enix will be using a new publishing label called Extreme Edges.

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erathaol4007d ago

This is going to be so Extreme! I hope they only eat Extreme Doritos at Extreme Edges.


anonymouse1113354007d ago

"publish western games in the west"

How about publishing some eastern games in the west? The west is well, the west, it's bland, we need some variety!

Eiffel4007d ago

Speaking of which I'm really interested in Kane and Lynch 2, the first wasn't that bad to be honest the levels before every thing went military based were absolutely fun. Though the story was majorly depressing...

This franchise doesn't hold back on the "WTF" moments.

FantasyStar4007d ago

The story and the overall delivery of the presentation is really really good! Just the gameplay was very much lacking. But if Kane and Lynch was turned into a book: I'd read it.