Sony back in the black as electronics division turns a profit

Japanese electronics and entertainment giant Sony has announced a 32.3 billion Yen (219 million Euro) profit for the quarter ended June 30th, thanks to a resurgence in profitability at its consumer electronics division.

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achira5404d ago

yea !!!! i am getting a sony tv !!! cant wait. ppl what do you think about the sony kdl-40V2000 ?

USMChardcharger5404d ago

just be careful about game lag that alot of hd tv's are having...check out ign's web site...they have a list of tv's that have been reported with lag issues

and also a list of ones with out.


get a nice big bravia, they are great!

specialguest5404d ago

i don't know if it's the same for video games, but with digital cable, the HD channels lag when using components. when using HDMI connection, it eliminates the lag.

DG5404d ago

The meaning of life!

Islandkiwi5404d ago

"But videogames sector reports major loss as PS3 costs mount".

What's interesting about this is that with MS's financial reports, cost of research and development were specified. According to the Gamespot article addressing this same information, "The company did not give specific financial figures for R&D costs for the PS3, which will ship worldwide in mid-November."

THAMMER15404d ago

People do not even realize that the PS3 is Sony’s grand finally or desperation move. They are hoping that the risk pays off. I would like to see it work for them but it they have a slim chance that it will work. The 360 are in the best position in the world right now. They have broken Sony’s sales record, they have also produced a console that is easy for dev. to develop for, a working unified on line network, they have not taken any unnecessary risks. And most of all they have created the best consol that has been seen or read about in years Including the PS3 if you still think that is BS your are behind the curve. (Removing vibration, adding blue ray, and developing a cell processor with only one general propose core, the 2nd highest priced console in history, the 1st console in history with a high price but no real advantage over the competition graphically or in game play at all, poor public relations, and poor developer support, removing features that were promised in the being like 2x screen display and more, and so on and so on.) Play Station is the Barry Bonds of the game industry. Sorry guys you have been duped for years just swallow it

Bill Gates5403d ago

Your picture on your avatar says it all.....YOU'RE A FOOL.

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