Iron Man 2 Leaked But Will Pirates Care?

Original-Gamer: "Pirates are in a real conundrum right now. Do they download Iron Man 2 for their modded Xbox 360 or save money on blank discs? A real brain twister if you ask me."

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Cevapi884072d ago

i thought they were talking about the movie at first

BIG FAIL on my part

MikeGdaGod4072d ago

yeah i thought they meant the movie too....i rushed to my favorite site and was instantly disappointed

Red_Orange_Juice4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

But they are banned from Xbox Live right? At least most of them. I dont see a point in modding your console when you can simply rent games for cheap. I don't have Xbox, but losing online play is a big price to pay.

But can you rent games all around the world, or only in US, UK, Australia, Germany maybe France? As far as I know it's against the law in most countries or actually there is no law to regulate it..

Cyan83134071d ago

Well in sweden you can't really rent games. There is some market for the PS3 games but fairly non-existant for the 360 games.

And pirates who have been banned.. Well they still have that 360. So you can have one banned 360 to play pirated single player games and a non-modded 360 to play multiplayer/coop games on.

njr4071d ago


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RadientFlux4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

no matter how bad the game is, pirating is still wrong... Ok now thats out of the way, who is actually looking forward to Iron Man 2 video game?

I rented the first one and it was terrible. I don't expect the sequel to be any better, especially after Sega closed down the studio responsible for Iron Man 2 a few weeks back.

RockmanII74072d ago

There's a demo for it coming out

f7897904071d ago

There was a demo for the first one. It was fun for a minute then I didn't care.

-MD-4072d ago

Every single game gets pirated so why exactly do we need an article on every one of them?

Wolfie4072d ago

Oh rly? Where can i download Uncharted 2 or MGS 4 ? Oh wait... : )

-MD-4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Common sense tells me that those are PS3 games and this is a 360 article.

CellularDivision4072d ago

You could just pay for UC2 or MGS4.
Just rent them, full price isnt worth for a game with horrible laggy online.

CellularDivision4072d ago

My bad, I didn't know my opinion would upset you so much.

kingdavid4072d ago

whats with all the disagrees around here? :l

Weird lot some of you are.

vhero4072d ago

There is having an opinion and not knowing anything about a subject. You obviously know nothing about PSN CellularDivision. Laggyonline?? Where the heck do you fanboys get this crap??? There is no lag on PSN games unless your net itself is crap. Just because its free you assume its laggy?? Wow you even give fanboys a bad name.... Thats not even an opinion its stupidity at best.. On topic I agree about this though movie games are usually terrible and Iron Man 1 game was terrible I can't believe that some people will actually go out and pay full retail for the game though.

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DJexs4072d ago

why is the 360 version the one that always(well not always but most of the time) gets leaked?

red2tango4072d ago

Because it's hard enough to put a PS3 iso online; let alone is there even a point at the moment?

CellularDivision4072d ago

Because you are privileged to play a game that doesn't deserve to be bought without paying for it

DJexs4072d ago

I know ps3 stuff never gets leaked I am talking about Xbox, PC, Wii, DS, PSP things that actually have pirated games.

HavenOfFear4072d ago

Ps3 games are harder to pirate and play, if at all possible. The discs are blu-ray discs and the ps3 checks for something like a validation mark that it's real. In the end it's too much of an effort to buy the discs and a blu-ray drive to burn the game and then you have the sheer size of games. Also, I don't think ps3's are easily hacked. Closest thing I think is some simple stuff for potential homebrew junk and exploits by geohot and other guys.

Dark-vash4072d ago

UMD Disks... is there any need to burn them? No!
NDS uses Cards, is there any to create the plastic card? No!
Wii uses DVD, is there any need to burn them? No!

So, burning Disks to play pirate games is a thing of the past! They just need to hack the firmware and develop an ISO Loader and it's done.

PS3 is harder to hack, but everything get's hacked eventually...

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juanvan4072d ago

So that should tell you something about the game when ppl could get it for free but still don't want it..

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