ModNation Drives Home an Unbeatable Price

So far 2010 has been a great year for gaming and with hot titles on the horizon including but not limited to 3D Dot Game Heroes as well as the wild-west sandbox game Red Dead Redemption. Among the upcoming titles is ModNation Racers, a kart racing game that features an enormous amount of customization, great gameplay and both split-screen and online. Now ModNation Racers is available for pre-order at an unbeatable price.

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Baka-akaB3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Me too

I can't believe some of the idiotic comments from below . I dont think most folks had issues with buying a mario kart full prices ... so why should a gamle trying to offer the experience with far more extras be handled differently ?

The problem isnt the price , it would be that some folks arent really that intersted in the game to begin with .
It is a full game with losts of customisations and creation , it is worth its cost .

Redrum0593150d ago

its stupid to see ppl complaining of the price of this game. i think its well worth the $60 bucks with all the content and all. i dont remember enyone complaining about the price for littlebigplanet (a game that i dont regret buying). LBP and MNR are practically the same thing but ones a side scroler and the other is a racer. i know this game is a day-1-purchase for me.

xabmol3150d ago

I think I'll stick with Amazon.

badz1493150d ago

steal! I might get this game afterall! looking as there's no other games I'm looking forward this year yet, MNR might be a great time crusher!

JL3149d ago

Definitely a great deal for this game. I would gladly pay $40 for this which is arguably one of my most anticipated games this year. Unfortunately I get the game for free :P. A friend is buying it for me since he owes me a game (I gave him my GOW3 after I was done with it to complete his collection). So ModNation for free for me....PLUS I get the Kratos skin! But definitely this is an awesome deal that people should jump on. If my friend didn't owe me I would've gladly paid $60 for this game.

For the ones complaining about the $60 tag. Either a.) they're just trying to downplay a great game or b.) they're out of their minds. I'm tending to lean towards the latter. This game seems totally worth $60 as much as any other game (even moreso than alot of others). Only thing that would justify complaining about $60 on THIS game is if you're just of the mind that NO games should cost $60.

VigkVagk3149d ago

[cough]mario kart[/cough]

xabmol3149d ago

So every Kart racer = Mario Kart?

Crash Team Racing = Mario Kart?

Diddy Kong Racing = Mario Kart?

IMHO, ModNation Racers = LBP Kart

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ftwrthtx3150d ago

needs to be able to use the user created content from the PS3. That would probably increase PSP version sales tenfold.

Blaze9293150d ago

Wow hold up you mean to tell me this game ISNT $39.99? Like MAG they are charging $59.99? Just my opinion and from playing the beta for MNR I think they are out of their mind charging a full $60. wtf? Not saying the game is bad, loved the beta...but not $60 loved.

Definitely nabbing this deal asap though.

Corepred43150d ago

probably just seeing how it'll sell at that price for a month or so. then bring the price down as a summer or spring special. hoping anyway. so this is a disc game huh, i was thinking it was a downloadable game. only thing i can see as why they are charging full price is well because everyone else it doing it, the customization, and lots of replayability. Sony should start beta testing more, that way they can put the beta incentive in different games that might need help selling, use the MS method. Why not?

AridSpider3150d ago

Wow thought this was a $40 title as well...damn. I don't really want to order it right now but might miss this deal if I don't. No way in hell I'm buying this for full $60. First MAG now this? MAG, ok I could maybe understand. But this? $60? GTFO.

Sevir043150d ago

You played a beta, that had 10% of the content that was going to be in the full game. and even in that 10% it was a preclude to let you know all that was going to be in it and more.

The game has both online and offline racing, single player campaign with over 70 tracks in the single player and split screen racing both offline
@2 and 4 players for each mode respectably, and full on creation mode which is sure to dwarf LBP for the mere fact that it's sooo much simpler to express your creativity. So tel me how should this game be considered $40. maybe if they shipped the beta but. everything in this game totally dwarfed it with all the features going in, with a campaign you can play both online and offline..

It's worth the 60 dollars its being sold at.

nycredude3150d ago

What is with you people and the Mag comments. If you don't like the price don't buy it, no need to come here complaining. I bought Mag day one and I've put more than 200 hours into it and met 30 friends online that I enjoy playing it with daily so it was more worth my money than many games I've purchased this gen.

What is it about MNR that would give you the impression that this should be $40? Is it because it is kind of "cute"? Or is it because you can build your own track and share it with people, which means an endless amount of tracks in the future to play? How many other ps3 or Xbox 360 games are $40? Heck Wii games aren't $40!!!

BTW I preordered this on for $40 last week, which is a steal!


So you should complain about Little Big Planet also, that cost $59.99 and no one complain.

Why would you complain about MNR? And Comparing to MAG? That is different, besides MNR have single player.

-Alpha3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I don't mind the pricing of any of the above games. There are far more games before them that lack content. Like Bioshock, Heavenly Sword, etc. Single player games with little replay value are the biggest issues IMO. Games are the price they are because they cost a lot to make. I simply hold off buying them until price drops come in effect.

I bought LBP day one and enjoyed it a lot. I'm not sure I'll do the same for Mod Nation with Red Dead Redemption coming, but it's a very feature-rich game. and it has split-screen. I'm a sucker for local multiplayer. I'm hoping split-screen online is featured too, that would make me a little more willing to purchase.

Game price never match the content they have. If they did every game would be priced differently. The game looks fun as hell and I enjoyed the beta.

ProA0073150d ago

Well clearly this site doesn't think it's a $60 game either so just grab it for $40 (where it should be IMO) and call it a day.

The value of a dollar is different to everyone. Blaze doesn't think it's worth $60, so be it then. Move on

ClownBelt3150d ago

" Well clearly this site doesn't think it's a $60 game either"

Lmao what? This is the stupidest thing I've heard so far in N4G.

The Wood3150d ago

I hope they tweak the seemed a touch tricky to lessen ur drift angle if you'd locked too far..I also hope they add different class vehicles....light middle and heavy to add some variety. A little bit more weight to the vehicles on the whole wouldn't go a miss come to think of it View

bjornbear3150d ago

its got more replay value than most games at the same standard price

this is huge, PS3 owners can get two great exclusives for 40 bucks each, you don't get that deal every month you know...

but be sour...

jjohan353150d ago

The best games provide user-generated content for infinite replay value. Other companies charge ridiculous prices for only a handful of new maps/levels/etc.

-Alpha3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )


That's nothing. I've heard people rip on LBP because gamers had to create the game, so you basically buy a game you have to make yourself meaning Media Molecule didn't deserve the money lol.


I do agree more gameplay variety should be added in terms of heavy, light vehicles. I don't remember from the beta but I'm hoping they have bumping where you can smash into other vehicles and knock 'em out if you are big/fast enough.

Personally I just want it for the split screen.

BiggCMan3150d ago

modnation racers...4 screen offline racing, split screen online racing, UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES, dozens of tracks, a track creator.

modern warfare 2... a lousy 6 hour story, broken 1 player online, thats about all i can think of

so uhh, i think i made my point. i hate to bring that game into this topic, but he made me with his stupid comment.

captain-obvious3150d ago

i didn't see you whine when you paid 60$ for ODST

JonnyBigBoss3150d ago

What did Mario Kart Wii have? Dozens of courses? A few different vehicles? 8 different characters to play as? Bad online?

ModNation Racers allows you to create any character, track and vehicle you can think of. You get to share these and use them online/offline to race with. The game also supports up to 4-player split-screen and tons of online content. Not to mention the full single-player campaign.

That's more than most games can offer. How can you not justify $60?

blusoops3150d ago

This game supports 2-4 local mp splitscreen and
2 player splitscreen online. I think max of 12 players per race.
Also once u fill up ur boost meter u can boost (obviously), use ur shield, or use it to bump or ram other carts.

This game is totally worth the $60 price tag in my opinion but at $40 it's a steal!!!
Just ordered 3 copies for me, my brother, and co-worker.

Christopher3150d ago

I could say that about the majority of games produced today. In the end, the price is reflective of what an individual gets out of it. I don't play multiplayer online shooters, doesn't mean the price for most of them shouldn't be $60 just because I only care about the co-op and single-player portions.

This game overall has a $60 worth to it, though. It'll have more tracks than any other racing game out there after the first month. It has the ability to race up to 4 player split screen. And it has online racing.

If I had more people to play with on a regular basis, I'd consider picking this up at the $60 price point, but I don't. I will be buying it for my nephews, though, who love cars and will get a ton of happiness out of being able to customize their characters, race each other, and download new tracks to play all the time. It's definitely worth the $60 for them.

codyodiodi3150d ago

What games are not $60 when they are released?
Seriously even the terrible games that took 3 months to make cost $60.
It's just the standard price, if you can't pay $60 for a new release game then wait to buy it.

Redempteur3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

The beta was LESS THAN 5% of the final game content ... how can you judge that this game isn't worth a full price ??

Seriously some people are amazing in ways i would expect of internet

(and that wasn't a compliment )

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user94220773150d ago

Great deal no doubt - can't wait for the game to arrive.

doctorstrange3150d ago

I'm really looking forward to another Play.Create.Share title

JL3149d ago

Even moreso I'm really looking forward to another Play, Create, Share game that seems alot more accessible this time around. I'll admit it, LBP was just complex as hell for me when it came to creating levels. This one seems so much easier and user-friendly. I'm very much looking forward to getting in there and creating my own tracks.

GenghisKhan3150d ago

day 1 purchase

blur looks last gen.

split/second is repetitive.

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