Gamereactor: Dead to Rights: Retribution review

Jonas Mäki writes: "The plot holes are mile wide and it's filled with silly things like the ability Jack's dog has that allows him to see enemies behind cover, sort of like Sam Fisher's heat sensing goggles from Splinter Cell: Conviction. To top it off the gameplay mechanics are far from optimised and I continuously encountered enemies from all directions even when I knew I had emptied a particular area of bad guys. It's hard to Dead to Rights: Retribution seriously. I find it lacking both in terms of technology and design. The character models look blocky, the lighting is primitive and the animations are poor."

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likedamaster3727d ago

Dead to rights 2 had pretty much the same scores, still had fun with it.

andron3726d ago

I'm a sucker for TPS's so I'll check this one out when it drops in price. I have played both the first games and they were not too bad, the first was the best though...