WoW's most epic fails - this has to change with Cataclysm compiled a list of the most epic fails currently plagueing World of Warcraft - and what Blizzard has to change with the arrival of the newest expansion Cataclysm. From better rewards for hard work, more challenging heroic dungeons to more unique classes.

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chak_3097d ago

I used to play wow like a mad man.

Raiding a little molten and above, but then came the expansion. And it completly felt flat for me.

Weird universe completly breaking the codes, flying rocks and such.

stopped playing

came back for lich king, went up to 79.5, hardly. So bored of infinite quest and same things over and over.

I miss the old vanilla Wow :'(

Xwow20083097d ago

wow when wolk came it was amazing at the beginning then after i got lvl 80 i begun to hate the game, because of the many boring daily quests,pve is really easy and lots of naggy kids who ruin the mood when playing.

pvp is good but needs to be more balanced there some op classes(like pala) but in the end i stopped playing it because its more of a causal game than a hardcore game.

One of my friends who was playing the game from the vanilla days told me hows the game was a hardcore and challenging with lot of of things to do...i just regret not playing it when it fist came :(

Lich1203097d ago

I like WoW a lot more now because Im a pvp player. I don't do many raids at all. Just 2v2 arena with a my brother. I also played vanilla WoW... can't say I miss 40 mans and needing to make a schedule in real life just to get anywhere. Maybe I wasn't "hardcore" enough but I refuse to schedule real-life time around WoW time and at 60 that made it impossible to get gear.

Ironfungus3097d ago

How about making it so anyone can get the best raiding gear available (and not require nine months to do so)?

In order to raid in that game, you needed the best gear or Guilds wouldn't recruit you. The only way to get that gear was to raid. Stupidity. Blizzard needs to make the game accessible to EVERYONE, not just the snotty raiding brats who were lucky enough to get carried to where they were by their Guild in the first place.

Xwow20083097d ago

the game is accessible to everyone,after the last patches getting good gear is really easy (farming HCs) and the gear u get from HCs will qualify u to be ready for most of the raids but the problem is THE COMMUNITY of wow.

DeeBee3096d ago

Wow IS accessible to everyone, more so now than ever before. Back in the vanilla days WoW was not accessible to everyone with only the die hard people getting into raids at all. These days all you need to do to raid is hit level 80 (can be done in a few months doing quests alone, no dungeons or boosting by other players), then just run the Argent Tournament dailies to get gear. Hell you can even use the random dungeon finder to get 5 frost emblems per day, or just run heroics to get emblems of triumph which again can get you to raid level. Getting into a guild is simple these days, if a guild requires you to be raid ready before they let you in you can achieve that, or you can say they are too anal and not the kind of guild you want to be in ;)

This is how accessible things are now, back in vanilla days it took me 6 months (probably more) to hit level 60 and I was barely raid ready by the time burning crusade came out. These days, I started a new character and was running raids in 4 months! When I say "running raids" I mean that, I was NOT, in any way shape or form, being carried through the raid by other members.

4lc4pon33097d ago

I think the game in General has become way to easy. Remember the days where you had to work your ass off to get gear? Now it takes almost no skill at all to get gear.

The other 2 Problems I have with WoW is Classes and the Community. The Community has gotten really crappy with all these little kids & just the overall Language/Chat.

WoW needs to get some More Classes. with the current classes that are available it does at time get hard to find a Raid UNLESS your a Healer or Tank.

I quit WoW a couple of months ago because things are seriously getting Old in my opinion. only time will tell if Cataclysm brings me back or not.

DeeBee3096d ago

Yeah I remember the "good old days", no mount until level 40! Elite level quest bosses everywhere that had a million HP that required a full group of 5 people and a few hours just to take down. Hehe, kids today complaining about accessibility, pfft. And of course Barrens Chat :D

I think I'm going to go and faceroll another character from 1 to 80, I might even let my 3 year old daughter do it for me, it's not like it's hard to do.

3097d ago