'Incredibly accurate' PS Move 'a step up from Wii'

Dundee developer Cohort Studios is busy building one of the first PlayStation Move titles to be released – and the group has already heaped praise on Sony's motion control device.

"The PlayStation Move is a great piece of hardware," says studio CEO Lol Scragg. "It has a fantastic feel to it and it's incredibly accurate. We've had no issues with it, and the hardware and the libraries have come on well."

In an interview with Develop, the Cohort CEO said that both Sony and Microsoft's new wave of motion control peripherals will allure many of the core market who have – in some respects – become vocally opposed to motion control gaming.

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vhero3731d ago

Sony are sending the MOVE out to techies and normal reviewers and not gamers and in my opinion they are doing it the right way with MOVE. It's just all going right they aren't doing what MS is doing with NATAL getting famous people to show it off and pumping millions into advertising. MOVE's advertising is gonna pay for itself here. Really impressed with the accuracy review considering how accurate wii has got since motion plus.

whateva3731d ago

Sony Haters are not going to like this! lol

everyone loves how accurate the PS-Move is.

nycredude3731d ago

Problem is that MS's way have worked for them and no doubt it will help natal again. Personally I have tried something natal like with the Eyetoy and again with the pseye and I have to admit it just won't work without a controller with some kind of buttons. Nintendo knows this, Sony knows this, most developers knows this but MS seems to be in the dark here.

raztad3731d ago

Probably MS (and Natal devels) are quite aware of that limitation. I think the "solution" for the "hardcore" market will be something in the lines of Ghost Recon:Future implementation that uses the controller + some gestures to give orders or throw granades, if I understood correctly.

Regarding Move. All you need to see is the Socom 4 demo to understand PS Move provides a very accurate tracking. Zipper rep even said players with Move were owning DS3 guys.

cmrbe3731d ago

Sony don't show it behind the doors or in a controlled environment like MS does. Its shows how confident Sony really are with their tech which is saying alot. Sony like most other Japanese companies genereally never show their tech until they are almost perfect.

La Chance3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yet you will be the one crying on this site when Natal moves Move out the way this fall.

Its called marketing.

Cant wait for the Natal vs Sony's Wii-move at E3.

randomwiz3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Move will have different games, and Natal will have different games.

One can't "beat" the other, its personal preference. Its like comparing a tps vs fps. They're both shooters at heart, but really play differently. Just as Move and Natal are both motion controllers at heart, but play differently, body with Natal, controller with Move.

HolyOrangeCows3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I've gotta say though, The Shoot looks boring as heck.

TreMillz3731d ago

Though I see myself using Move more for the hardcore/casual gaming mix, I probably will pick Natal next year if anything. Gotta say, love the way devs are praising Move for the accuracy. Its like everything Sony said about it is true. Hopefully the same can go for Natal. For some reason I can trust Move as a launch era pick up, Natal I may have to wait to see reviews. But I know I'll get both.

boodybandit3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

On topic:
I'm not a huge fan of motion controls but if given the choice I will take a controller that will work with nearly everything vs a device that we have no clue how it will be implemented. Move just seems more practical for most applications as a stand alone device.

EvilBlackCat3731d ago

I wonder what is going to happen as soon ms xbox adds a wand+nunchuk like to the natal experience?

OH come on guys why the denial mode?


Army_of_Darkness3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Natal will go way of the sega 32X... might look and sound impressive at first, but soon will realize how garbage & useless it really is.

The move on the other hand, actually looks promising.

Absolut_Turkey3731d ago

We should wait for E3 to find out more about Move...oh wait, we don't have to! Sony doesn't need to spend millions of dollars to hype it up. Sony doesn't need non-gaming celebrity endorsements either. All Sony needs to do is put out there for all to see and Move's tech will speak for itself.

BattleAxe3731d ago

The Wii is a poor kids system and a broke [email protected]@ chicks system.

DelbertGrady3731d ago

Article says Move has no lag. Everyone buys it.

This video tells a different story.

sid4gamerfreak3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

'Incredibly accurate' PS Move 'a step up from Wii'

Maybe but ill stick to my controller for my ps3 thank you. And dont get me started on project fatal..oh i mean project natal...

On the topic of accuracy, have you guys ever heard of a mouse? Thats how accurate gaming can get...

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GenghisKhan3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

this will be 10 times better than the m/k set up. the wii had potential but it's very lousy and inaccurate. but this, this is going to own.

this is the perfect control scheme for the shooter genre. think about: a light gun will own mouse every time. then an analog stick is much better for movement than keyboad.

can't wait for those pc elitist to cry ariver now that than can't say: bu bu but fps is teh better on teh pc because of m/k

only on the ps3 (or the wii, if you are casual gamer)

playstation_clan3731d ago

or if you like playing with your hands, buy natal

saint_john_paul_ii3731d ago

it wont be better than the M/K combo, but its up there and as close to it. what i cant wait though is to see how RTS' play on it.

Dtoxz3731d ago

in order for it to own, it needs to be sold with the system and required. We can still game with a normal controller which is wonderful but in order to see mind blowing sales, they need to include it with every system.

It would be great to see a "Move bundle" with a Move specific game included. That should drive sales.

Wrathman3731d ago

that would be an astonishing price tag.

Omega43731d ago

Don't look too accurate here:

I'm seeing some serious lag, not good if the only unique point of Move is its accuracy

ico923731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Thats minimal compared to this i also heard something that Natal can't recognise dark skinned people, im not sure if thats true but if it is wouldnt that make Natal the laggiest motion controler/interface in the industry ?

MexicanAppleThief3731d ago

That looked pretty spot on if you ask me. Plus we're getting confirmation from a independant developer that ps move accuracy delivers. And did you already forget that ps-move has a motion sensing camera with face and sound recognition?

Coupled that with years of experience from eyetoy and motion sensing and a strong hardware background, its only natural that developers are praising ps-move.

ClownBelt3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

" i also heard something that Natal can't recognise dark skinned people"

Natal is racist?


Low comprehension ftw. ^_^

UnSelf3731d ago

a skin color is a race?

Oner3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Oh look at that ~ Omega as usual ONLY looking at 1 specific thing but not the whole picture/proper information/explanation behind it, i.e. his everyday trolling. Anyway here is something I posted just 3 weeks back about this same exact thing that certain people just don't want to talk about, omit or can't admit ~

There are 3 different elements that have been discussed and addressed in the media about the PS Move's "lag" that certain types of people don't want others to know. Because they only focus on 1 specific thing to make the biggest troll effect without additional information to make it "seem" valid. That is all they do....Anyway here is what is known so far for those who would like to learn real proper information about the PS Move product

1) Button Input Timing ~ no different and EXACTLY the same as a SixAxis or DS3.

2) Non Graphical Immersion Overlay Timing ~ I.E. playing a regular game with the PS Move like the Bow and Arrow game or other titles of the caliber of Socom or similar have minuscule "lag" that is not visually noticeable or decipherable without an input measuring device. Thus a non issue for gaming use.

3) Graphical Immersion Overlay Timing - This is split into 2 parts

a) Table Tennis Type of Overlay where ONLY the paddle is visible in game and your "image" is hidden and not part of the visual aspect/interaction ~ The "lag" in these types of games are akin to #2 of having a minuscule amount of "lag" that is not visually noticeable or decipherable without an input measuring device BUT can also be scalable to address some "felt lag" IF present in 2 different areas. On the dev side before a game is released and within a selectable game mode option to specifically tailor/tune YOUR OWN feel. Just like the aiming speed options in a shooter.

b) FULL Live Graphical Overlay with a live scene (as shown in the Anton Mikhailov Wire Frame robot full/half body overlay) ~ The issues in these types of game or augmented reality interaction style types have been shown to have visible "lag" and a small amount of "felt lag" which has been explained simply with the known factors of how the PS3 is doing MANY different things at once. It has to capture you live with the camera, capture the PS Move controllers, calculate where your body is in space along with the controllers and then draw a live image on screen.

That is quite a lot for demo code that was written the night before to accomplish is it not!? But even this has been addressed in the same manner of the above that it is scalable and can be improved upon in EITHER or BOTH (as I said before) ~ the dev side before a game is released and within a selectable game mode option to specifically tailor/tune YOUR OWN feel.

So there you have it ~ more valid information to ponder that is not just some BS trolling remark (like soooo many constantly attempt to do on here).

Now, you can limit yourself to pigeonholing your views to specifically leave out information to make some weak unsubstantiated & unsupported comment in an attempt to troll and give out misinformation....or you can read up on things, be open minded and get/be properly informed to be able to hold a technical conversation on a subject at hand.

I know where I am and would rather be ;P

Motion3731d ago

Not exactly, though your skin color is determined through race and genetics.

dc13731d ago

Why are you trying so hard?

CellularDivision3731d ago

Why are you raining on PS3 fanboy's parade?
They are getting their own Wii-mote and you are downplaying it.
So what if it lags, keep it to yourself. No need to let the rest know.
I mean, just look at all these fanboys you've upset.

Why you do this?

Oner3730d ago

^^^^ Even when trying to be stealth ~ obvious Troll is OBVIOUS ^^^^

Funny how certain types don't address the specific facts and valid information (as usual) about the topic at hand. All the while continuing to talk BS while calling others "fanboys" when they themselves are PRIME & PERFECT examples of the immature breed. Amazing isn't it?

And it's all because that's all they have and can't do anything more. The ability to hold a proper conversation is lost by them because they lack the mental skill & maturity to do so let alone even grasp an understanding.

Christopher3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Omega4, your colors are shining through it seems.

We already knew the casual games that project your image on the screen have lag not due to the controller but the projected camera image. If Natal's Brick Breaker game projected your image as well, it would have even worse lag due to the need to process the whole video being captured.

Now, show us a Move game that doesn't project your image in-game that has noticeable lag...

Instead of trying to belittle what Move is, why don't you instead try and enjoy the options we have as gamers out there? But, seeing the last two pages of your comment history already tells me what you really care about.

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Dayngls3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

its made by sony.

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