Videogamer: Super Street Fighter 4 Review

Videogamer writes: "It's 1994 all over again. Michael Schumaker's driving really fast, a charming US president is wowing the political world, and Capcom's releasing a Super update to a Street Fighter game. I half expect Oasis to reform and Romario to come out of retirement to guide Brazil to victory in the World Cup.

So, when it comes to updates of Street Fighter games, Capcom's got form. Super Street Fighter IV's existence should surprise no-one. Nor should its brilliance; Super is IV expanded. Because Capcom has decided Super's worthy of release on a disc rather than as downloadable content, for so many fans IV is now obsolete. But stay your tears, loyal street fighter. Super is worth the loss."

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Rowland3729d ago

If you purchase from Blockbuster you may get a stash of pot with it

Nitrowolf23729d ago

awesome, canceling Pre-order from GS right now

Jinxstar3729d ago

On topic of preorders. I am getting mine from amazon. 36.99 and a 10$ gift card... Gonna use it to get 3D dot game heros for 30$. Then Red Dead also comes with a 10$ gift card and Mario Galaxy 2 a 20$ one... Doubt I'll be shopping a GS again anytime soon. That right there saved me 40$ and with shipping thegames are still cheaper then GS by thenselves. So more like 45 or 50...

5tgyw3ty343729d ago

I didnt like sf4 much to be honest, for it was so much weaker than the games before. I hope this one fixes all the little shortcomings.

Mkai283728d ago

I will have no mercy, whether people are good or bad I will play them the same way.